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The Quokka, “Happiest Animal In The Whole World.”

Ever wondered who’s the cutest and the happiest animal in the whole world? It’s a cute quokka, one who’s happier than many of us today. These Australian Quokkas look exactly like nothing can bother their happiness. They usually get excited over weird stuff like receiving a tasty leaf as a treat. Can you even imagine how happy they are?

Because of their huge grins and amiable natures, quokkas are often referred to as “the happiest animal on Earth.” It’s crucial to keep in mind, too, that they’re still wild animals. When battling over mates or feeling threatened, they can bite and become aggressive.

Looking into the history of a Quokka, these creatures were well known on Rottnest Island. Quokkas were discovered by a European in 1658 as an Asian civet cat. But later in 1696, quokka was described as a rat who’s big as a cat.

Simply even when someone looks at a quokka, it brings a smile to their face, it is something really crucial.

Image courtesy: Suzana Paravac / Instagram

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Isn’t quokka the happiest animal in the whole world you’ve ever seen? Maybe you know of any more rare sweeties who can compete with this level of adorableness! Much more interesting stuff on Viraltrendzs.

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