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The Plus-Size Model Encourages Admirers To Accept Themselves In A Bikini

Isabel Nicholls Nall, a plus-size model, has impressed followers with another lovely body-positive post. The 22-year-old Worcester native is renowned for flaunting her curves. And she didn’t let her admirers down as she flaunted her physique in a revealing blue bikini.

Izzy posted the swimwear photo to Instagram, where she encouraged her 200,000 followers to love themselves.

The beauty was seen smiling sweetly in the string number as she flaunted her curves.

As she tugged on her bikini bottoms, she exposed her cleavage, stomach, hips, and thigh-brow.

The beauty paired her skin-flashing outfit with a bright makeup look that featured a lined eye and glossy lips.

Her golden locks were center-parted and mildly disheveled in the meanwhile.

“Self-love is vital,” Izzy wrote in the caption of the photo.

The post was well-received by her fans, with more than 9,000 likes.

“Oh my God, amazing,” one person remarked.

Another described her as a “lovely woman.”

“You look wonderful!” said a third, adding to the praises.

Izzy had earlier this month published a similar message about body positivity.

Fans were hot under the collar as she boldly flaunted her curves in a sizzling sheer corset on Instagram once again.

Isabel cheerfully captioned the photo, “Round but sound.”

At the time, one fan exclaimed, “THIS IS SO ADORABLE AND SEXY,” while another even asked her to marry them.

Izzy knows how to wow her admirers.

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