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The Pacu Fish Dubbed ‘Testicle Eaters’ Are Bizarre Fish With Human Teeth

A strange fish known as the “ball-cutter,” which preys on testicles, has been found in the territorial seas of France. Because of its bizarre way of eating, this frightening fish has gained titles such as ‘testicle eaters,’ ‘nut crackers,’ and ‘ball cutters’. Now that it has been discovered, it might be heading to the United Kingdom.

This fish is also known as the razor-toothed pacu fish. It has been reported that it has eaten men’s testicles when they were swimming in the Seine River in Paris. It’s in the Amazon that you’re most likely to see this monster.

According to French police, the creature measured one foot in length and had been photographed.

According to French police, Pacu fish measured one foot in length and had been photographed.
Credits : Alamy

In addition to its appearance in Sweden, the South American species was caught by a fisherman in the Oresund Sound last month, measuring eight inches in length. In addition, it served as a caution to males about the need of keeping their trunks on while going swimming.

The Amazon basin and the island of Papua New Guinea are their native habitats. Pacus may reach 35 inches in length and 55 pounds in weight in their native environments.

They resemble piranha fish in terms of both appearance and activity level. They do, however, have flat, stronger teeth that have been particularly developed for crushing. It has been reported that men who have had their testicles eaten off by these beasts have bled to death.

Henrik Carl, a fish specialist, said that although the pacu is not generally deadly to humans, it possesses a very nasty bite. There have been instances of males having their testicles bitten off in other nations, such as Papua New Guinea, he added.

According to him, the testicles of humans are an excellent match for their jaws. He claims that they bite because they’re starving. Its typical diet consists mostly of nuts, berries, and little pieces of fish. Human testicles, on the other hand, are only a natural prey item, according to him.

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