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The Newest Draw At This Buddhist Temple In Bangkok : Superheroes

As a tourist destination, Bangkok is known for its abundance of Buddhist temples. Seeing the dazzling decorations and exquisite craftsmanship is like nothing else. Think about hundreds of pieces of colored glass and pottery with elaborate gold-gilded structures on the surface of each piece. Despite the fact that so many of Bangkok’s temples look to be the same, the architectural style of these temples is breathtaking. That is until we came upon Wat Pariwat, a Thai Buddhist temple. Indeed, it’s as if you’ve arrived in a realm of heavenly bliss!

Tourists seldom pay a visit to Wat Pariwat, a temple situated in one of Bangkok’s southern suburbs and one of the city’s most sacred sites. The amazing sculptures of superheroes found in this temple had piqued people’s interest. This temple’s magnificent superhero sculptures will astound you, and we’ve compiled a collection of them here on Viraltrendzs for your viewing pleasure. We really hope you like them!

#1 Is it truly Superman peering down from the sky at us from above?

Is it truly Superman peering down from the sky at us from above?
Image credits : Wat Priwat Ratchasongkram

Worshippers are awestruck by the ornately adorned shrines of Wat Pariwat, the temple’s major feature, which attracts thousands of visitors every year. When looking at the temple with a casual eye, it seems to have been embellished in accordance with the motto “more is better”. Colors, textures, and figures all come together in a kaleidoscope of whimsy that’s sure to please the eye. Nonetheless, you’ll notice that the temple’s decorations aren’t quite what one would anticipate from a Thai temple.


Image credits : Chris Schalkx

If you spend a large amount of time wandering among the shrines a variety of odd traits can be seen in this Buddhist temple. The temple’s artwork includes anything from panda emojis to Disney figures. Each one is a labor of love, constructed entirely of magnificent Thai mosaic tiles, and each one is unique.

#3 Shiny Pikachu you can’t get your hands on.

Shiny Pikachu you can't get your hands on.
image credits : Chris Schalkx

However, this temple is not just focused on superheroes and cartoon figures. The location is often referred to as the “David Beckham Temple”. There is a little gold David Beckham statue tucked away under the Buddha’s altar in the main structure of the temple, which is hidden.

There are just a few instances a year that the David Beckham statue is on display in the temple’s section dedicated to Buddha. However, if you request from the site’s caretakers, they will happily unlock the gate and enable you to have a peek around.

#4 Winged Obama snapping a selfie.

Winged Obama snapping a selfie.
Image credit: touristbangkok

Its bizarre appearance belies the fact that Wat Pariwat is a normal temple. As visitors explore the grounds, it is important to keep in mind that this is a well-known place of worship for members of the community.


#6 This shrine is likewise under the watchful eye of the Dark Knight.












#18 Small gold statue of David Beckham.

image credits : Renegade Travels


#20 A big-breasted bunny with a selfie stick.

image credits : Chris Schalkx

#21 Harry Potter character Dobby.

Image credit: Differentville

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