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The Meaning Of ‘sb’ On Snapchat And Other Common Acronyms As ‘stg.’

Snapchat remains one of the most popular social media apps, despite the recent growth of TikTok and Instagram. Even though other platforms have copied Snapchat’s self-destructive communication capabilities, the vanishing photosharing app is still operational on millions of users’ phones. Its augmented reality filters, lenses, and live map capabilities continue to be popular among youths and young people. Snapchat is used by more than 59 percent of all US internet users aged 13 to 24. However, the app has its own culture and vocabulary, and you’ll find that many users employ jargon and acronyms that are unfamiliar or perplexing. Fortunately, the Daily Star is here to assist you in deciphering the cool kids’ banter.

Snapchat has around 99 million users worldwide
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What Does sb Mean On Snapchat?

The abbreviation stands for the snapback. It’s not the hat, though. When someone sends you an ‘Sb’ message, it typically means they want you to snap them back with a video or photo. This is frequently done to keep up with a Snapchat streak with a friend, demanding you to snap at least once every 24 hours. If you have a mountain emoji, which denotes an extremely lengthy Snapchat streak, you may expect to frequently send or receive the ‘sb’ message to keep your colossal streak going.

Snapchat lets you send disappearing messages, photos and videos as well as use augmented reality lenses
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What Are Some Other Commonly Used Snapchat Abbreviations, And What Do They Mean?

There are hundreds of more slang phrases and acronyms used only on Snapchat. These are some of them:

  • stg: This means “swear to god,” which people tend to say when annoyed or frustrated.
  • yw: this can mean either “you’re welcome” or “yeah whatever.” You’d better ensure you know which one is being said to you, or it could be an awkward conversation.
  • mhm: this isn’t an acronym at all, but the written form of someone saying “mm-hmm,” aka “yes.”
  • tm: this could mean ‘text message,’ ‘trust me’ or ‘tell me’ depending on the context
  • ctm: “chat to me.”
  • imk: “in my knowledge.”

These are just a few Snapchat slang terms, but the meaning of language online is continuously changing.

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