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The Man Gets The Biggest Shock Of His Life After Waking Up!

The man experience his biggest shock after waking up from a night of heavy drinking.

Cenek Stybl, a member of the YouTube pranksters ViralBrothers, was out with his girlfriend Lenka in Bangkok, Thailand, when he became “completely drunk” and fell asleep in their hotel room.

Lenka then devised a plan to shock her partner into thinking he’d had too much fun the night before by hiring a Thai transexual to lie next to him in bed when he awoke.

The description of the video says, “it was our last night in Bangkok and Cenek got totally drunk and fell asleep. I was bored so I went to Khaosan Road in front of our hotel and there were many ladyboys and I got an idea.”

A “Ladyboy” can be seen in the video next to him when he woke up. After seeing the ladyboy he was shocked and couldn’t believe his eyes.

He shouts in panic, “You’re not Lenka. What the f***? You’re not my girlfriend. What the f***? No, no, Lenka, where is Lenka?”

The Man Gets The Biggest Shock Of His Life After Waking Up!
Image credits: @ViralBrothers / YouTube

While holding the condoms she responds to him saying, “I don’t know, it’s just me here, and we did it.”

After sometime when the ladyboy went out Lenka comes out of the closet. She reveals that the entire thing was a set up. So it was his biggest shock throughout his life.

Image credits: @Viralbrothers / YouTube

The prank video went viral and got over 19 million views.

Below is the shocking prank video.

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