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The Great Pink Lakes Of Australia Seem To Be From Another Planet

Australia not only has some of the world’s most unusual species, such as the world’s heaviest moth, but it also has some of the world’s most unique natural features. From the Great Barrier Reef to the Dolerite Sea Cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula to the Twelve Apostles, Australia’s natural treasures will astound you, and its pink lakes are no exception!

Australia's Extraordinary Pink Lakes Look Like They Are On A Different Planet.
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Lakes are generally blue or azure, which is usually the case. But the water of more than ten lakes in Australia is rather unusual. But don’t panic; this kind of hue shift is quite normal and not the consequence of a harmful spill.

Both Halobacteria and a kind of algae known as Dunaliella salina may be found in the water of these saline lakes. They generate carotenoid, a red pigment present in carrots, fruits, and other foods. The algae in the lakes interact with the salt in the water during hot weather, making the water pink. As a result, most pink lakes do not remain pink all year and change hue in response to temperature differences.

It's very salty and soft, and can be quite slimy.” The bubblegum pink lake.
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Surprisingly, the lake known as “Pink Lake” in Esperance, Australia, has lost its pinkness and hasn’t been pink in many years. Experts think a highway and train line has cut off the natural water flow into the salt lake system, lowering salinity and explaining why the lake no longer turns pink. To prevent any more misconceptions, locals have taken the effort to rename the lake to its original name.

However, Lake Hillier, the most renowned pink lake, keeps its bubblegum pink tint all year. Even when stored in a container, the water keeps its rosy color. The lake is located on Middle Island in Western Australia; thus, access is only by air or boat.

Visitors are not permitted to go too near to the lake, which is required to safeguard the picturesque surroundings of Lake Hillier.

Australia is home to many beguiling natural attractions, but its extraordinary pink lakes have got to be seen to be believed.
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The Hutt Lagoon is located in Western Australia’s Mid-West area and is known for its pink-colored waters. Hutt Lagoon’s hue may range from lavender to vivid pink, depending on the weather. Because it’s in such an arid environment, the water is often quite shallow or dried up. And it’s generally covered in a 20-centimeter coating of salt. The lake fills up just twice every hundred years, according to estimates.

Unlike other pink lakes in the world like the one in Retba and the salt .
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As previously stated, the Hutt Lagoon may dry up over the summer. However driving or walking across it is not recommended due to its salty, squishy, and slimy nature.

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Pink lakes may arise in surprising places when the circumstances are correct. The lake in Melbourne’s Westgate Park is an excellent illustration of this.

After a huge heatwave hit Australia’s east coast in December 2012, this salty, artificial lake in Melbourne’s industrial area became pink for the first time. Since then, the normally blue lake has turned pink virtually every year between summer and fall.

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Because it resembles Lake Hillier and the Hutt Lagoon, the lake has become a famous tourist attraction.You also don’t need to hire a boat or a helicopter to go to Westgate Park’s lovely lake.

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Many individuals may ask whether they can swim in these beautiful seas. In principle, swimming in the pink lakes is completely safe since they are incredibly saline yet do not injure human skin. Swimming in the lakes, on the other hand, is uncommon.

National parks and authorities warn against swimming in them. They encourage visitors to preserve the pink lakes and their surroundings as undisturbed as possible so that future generations may enjoy these incredible natural wonders.

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