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The couple’s neighbor ‘mounts five cameras’ to hang a laundry line to prevent her appearance.

Megan Reid said her neighbor even spoke to police about the washing machine, saying the situation was so unsettling. But when they appeared, she said they laughed.

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The couple assumes that the neighbors, who have installed several security cameras that overlook their property, have developed a clever tactic to gain privacy. Megan Reid has posted several videos showing her and her assistant fighting with their neighbor. She shared in a recent video how they are now starting to hang a laundry line to block their neighbor’s vision. The video shows the other half of her hanging on the line and putting on bedsheets. So she can prevent people from entering her garden. She zooms in to show that the other property has at least one CCTV camera.

Megan said her neighbor strangely called police through the laundry line in a follow-up video, but they “smiled.” “The final product, she called the police, and they laughed,” she wrote. “She joined the anti-terrorist route and said they were hanging on to power lines.”

The video collection has been viewed millions of times since it was shared with Tiktok.

The couple's neighbor 'mounts five cameras' to hang a laundry line to prevent her appearance.

One panicked spectator asked: “Doesn’t this qualify as an invasion of privacy? And also, I don’t understand how people are allowed to do this.” “Point the mirror directly at the camera lens,” another jokingly suggested. The third added: “The mental note when I can buy a house one day to buy a house away from other people.” The fourth said: “This is my low level of 1,000,000%.”

The couple's neighbor 'mounts five cameras' to hang a laundry line to prevent her appearance.

Others asked her how she knew cameras were recording her garden, to which she replied with a screenshot video of the devices. It happens when another homeowner is utterly devastated to receive an obscene note from his neighbor. Thanks to a bathroom renovation, Sarah Yates sent a letter to others on the street saying, “I can see everything.”

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