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The Clips Of A 163-Year-Old Man Self-Mummifying Sparks Public Attention

A TikTok video of an older man has been trending on the platform for the last several days. When people viewed the video claiming he was 163 years old, they were taken aback. It has been speculated that this weak monk was self-mummifying at the time. Due to the overwhelming responses, we at Viraltrendzs felt compelled to share this mind-blowing incident with everyone.

They were amazed by the fragile monk, who they said was 163 years old and practiced self-mummification, on the TikTok video platform.
Image: auyary13/Tiktok

The video depicts a Thai hospital where an elderly man is receiving medical care. Then there was his skeletal look, which made many wonders how old he really was. According to some accounts, he is 163 years old and practices a popular Japanese Buddhist monk self-mummification technique.

He’s an aged man who’s thought to be a monk. When his granddaughter, who is filming the tapes, posted them online, she garnered 530,000 followers on TikTok. It’s not clear if the claims about his age or his habit of self-mummifying are true.

Is TikTok’s old guy, who claims to be 163 years old, really that old?

The stories that circulated on TikTok regarding the 163-year-old monk were not real in the first place. The old person seen in the video is not 163. According to Snopes, he is a 109-year-old Thai man named Luang Pho Yai.

It is really his granddaughter who manages the account, which provides updates on the 109-year-old man's health.
Image: auyary13/Tiktok

He seems to be a Thai monk. There is no confirmation that he has ever used the Sokushinbutsu self-mummification method.

Auyary, his great-granddaughter, is the person behind the @auyary13 TikTok account that posted the videos. For the sake of her followers, she provides them with regular updates on her grandpa.

From approximately November 2021, the oldest recordings on the account depict an elderly person relaxing at home. Unfortunately, he was hospitalized to Thailand’s Dan Khun Thot hospital in January 2022 after breaking his hip bone. Millions of people have seen Auyary’s videos informing them of the health of her grandpa.

Even the most recent videos indicate that he is becoming better and better each day. Because of his health improvement, the patient has had the ability to eat, work out, and interact with loved ones.

When his videos went public, he was subjected to a slew of cruel remarks about his age.

Auyary13 claimed in the comments section of one video that her grandfather is 109 years old. In response to a remark that described him as a corpse, she said: “He is not a corpse.. Let’s show Luang Ta some respect. In the event that you do not agree with it, kindly scroll past it and do not leave any comments”.

So, what exactly is Sokushinbutsu?


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♬ บทเพลงสวดบารมี 30 ทัศ – ocean media

Sokushinbutsu is an unusual practice among Japanese Buddhist monks. To induce mummification in people who are still aware, a severe regimen of self-discipline is employed.

A tight diet is a part of the therapy. By getting rid of fat, muscle, and moisture, monks dehydrate from the inside out. They are then placed in pine boxes and placed in meditation for their last days on Earth before being buried.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that Luang Pho Yai, the old man seen in the video, engages in this kind of self-mummification.

According to auyary13’s account, there are no references to this technique. As a result, it’s most likely only a story spread by third-party viewers after the videos became viral.

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