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Chinese Police Academy Is Auctioning Off Friendly Dogs For Police Work.

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Image credits: upi.com

A Chinese police academy announces that it is holding an auction to find new homes for 54 friendly dogs who have dropped out of the program, acting more gently than law enforcement professionals.

The University of China’s Criminal Investigation Police in northeastern Liaoning has announced that it will be auctioning off dogs – primarily Germans, Dutch breeds, and Belgian Malinois.

Friendly Dogs were rejected from the Dangerous Dogs Training Program for dangerous people, physical weakness, failure to follow instructions, and refusal to bite when requested.

Each dog starts at about $ 30, and prices increase by $ 7.70 until the end of the auction. The school says buyers must sign an agreement to comply with government regulations. Especially, to properly care for the dogs and prohibit re-selling or remodeling to new owners.

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