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The Brave Kid Sheds Skin Due To Incurable Condition

The story is about a 7-year-old brave kid, Kai Clay sheds skin just like a snake because of his incurable condition, Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris.

7 year old brave kid
Image credits: Kennedy News and Media

But something special about this brave kid is that he keeps smiling no matter how hard the situation is, despite suffering from his skin shedding just like a snake.

The effects of the decease Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris (PRP) are:

  • Constant Inflammation.
  • Scaling of the skin.
  • Dry eyes.
  • Thickened soles and palms causing cracks and bleeds more often.

The disease can lead to life risks like blood infections. It is believed that the condition is affected only to one in 400,000.

His 27-year-old mother, Nikita Clay is so heartbroken at the thought of his brave little kid having to suffer his entire life dealing with the life-threatening disease.

Kai and his mother
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His mother says that she is very proud of her son wondering how a seven-year-old kid can bear so much pain and keep smiling at the most painful situations.

As reported by his mother about kai’s disease, Kai is shedding skin daily. In the morning there’s dead skin all over his body and bed. Since his skin is raw he gets pustules that are so itchy that make him really uncomfortable. The skin in his scalp, hands, and bottom of his feet seems to be very scaly and thick which leads to cracks and bleeding ends up losing his hair daily.

The Brave Kid Sheds Skin Due To Incurable Condition
Image credits: Kennedy News and Media

Even his eyelids turn red, dry, and sore resulting in him having difficulties blinking his eyes. The disease began when he was just six months old with symptoms like rashes in the arms, legs, and neck. When he turned four the skin got worse with dry patches on his entire body with infected pustules having the risk of developing blood infections. Later a dermatologist checked him and treated him with antibiotics but it was then confirmed the diagnosis of the incurable disease known as PRP.

The dermatologist had said to Kai’s mother about how rare and incurable the disease is, not even a long-term fix.

Further, she said that he had a blood injection too due to the pustules appearing on his body. Due to blood infections, kai was rushed into the hospital for antibiotics.

injected kai
Image credits: Kennedy News and Media

To manage his condition Kai has to have three eye drops per day, a steroid cream once or twice a day, a moisturizing cream thrice a day, and a bath in ointments every night. As medications, he has to take a tablet daily and an injection every two weeks. Due to his medications, he misses weeks of school and playtimes with his brother, Keo.

Among these hard times of his life he is able to smile and let the pain go away, Such a 7-year-old brave kid he is!

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