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Taliban militants set fire to an amusement park one day as they were seen on a picnic.

It is said that a group of Taliban militants recently set fire to an amusement park where they were seen spending their lives on bumper cars and small amusement horses. Taliban militants have set fire to an amusement park in Kabul after militants captured it. Especially, the militants, who were playing with hand weapons, were seen laughing and having fun with electric bumper cars and spinning around small horses. The videos now show the same amusement park burning after the militants set it on fire.

A Twitter user who shared the video said it was Bokdi Amusement Park in Sheberghan.

Especially, soldiers in the bumper cars were seen smiling at the soldiers behind the camera as they collided. Another video shows soldiers being filled with children’s fun horses — a laugh from onlookers.

Taliban militants are on patrol in the Afghan capital after a 20-year war.

President Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan on Sunday as rebels seized the city and surrounded the presidential palace. “The Taliban have won by judging swords and guns and are now responsible for the dignity, property, and self-defense of their citizens,” Ghani later said.

The Taliban invasion comes weeks after the United States and the United Kingdom withdrew from the military zone.

And also, U.S. President Joe Biden widely criticized the move, and many politicians acknowledged that they were surprised by the pace of militant group attacks. The Taliban have carried out brutal killings since the capture of Kabul. And their victims are said to have been dumped in a mass grave. Terrorists spread across Afghanistan on Sunday, August 15, and captured the capital, Kabul.

And also, as thousands tried to flee the country, the militants vowed to “retaliate against no one” and pardon government employees. However, reports of atrocities in the southern state of Kandahar have already surfaced.

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