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Swollen Weird Creature Sighted On Australian Coast Identified

A weird creature with discolored skin was reportedly observed on an Australian beach earlier this month. It looked to be more extraterrestrial than anything else on the planet. It looked strangely swollen, like a monster with a fleshless head and an abnormally enlarged body. Despite the fact that the identity of the unique creature remains a mystery, Live Science talked with a number of experts who claim they know what this bizarre creature is.

Alex Tan came upon the spectacular find while taking a casual morning walk along Maroochydore Beach in Queensland, Australia. While glancing at the screen of his phone on that day (April 1), he videotaped himself speaking into it and shared the findings on Instagram.

Some speculate that the weird creature may be alien.

Some speculate that the weird creature may be alien.
Credits : ALEX TAN

He went on to say that he had discovered something strange. According to him, it is similar to one of those stories we hear about individuals who claim to have discovered extraterrestrial life forms. Immediately after, the camera moves away from Tan’s face to see the hairless, bloated beast. A lengthy tail and sharp claws adorn the weird creature, whose skull is clearly visible through the camera.

Following the video shared, individuals who have viewed the tape have offered a variety of speculations. They include a dehydrated kangaroo, a possum (as Tan believes), and even an alien. Some social media users have speculated about a “mini-Chupacabra” or an “extinct marsupial,” among other crazier speculations.

It is true that some individuals assumed that the strange creature was an alien. In contrast, Tan does not seem to think that the creature is of alien origin. After publishing the video, he said that the public is in urgent need of answers. Still, he’s stuck on the possum theory. To this day, his chicken parmi bet against any expert who can prove him incorrect holds good.

Tan went on to describe some of the characteristics of this monster in a subsequent interview with the social media news source Storyful. Human-like hands, a lengthy lizard tail, a snout like that of a possum, and patches of black hair were all features he detailed in his description.

Still, no one has figured out what the monster is.

Russell Bicknell, a marine scientist at the University of New England in Australia, expressed his opinions on this organism with Live Science. It’s either a kangaroo or a wallaby, according to his view. He claims that whatever it is has a large quantity of water on it. It is also possible that it was carried away into the sea during the recent floods that occurred in the area, according to him.

Sandy Inglesbly, a mammalogy collection manager at the Australian Museum also shared her thoughts on the animal in question. Trichosurus vulpecula, or Brushtail Possum, is what this species is, and it has lost its fur according to her. According to Inglesbly, the skull, as well as the proportions of the limbs and tail to the rest of the body, are all identical to those of the brushtail.

Even though it’s unclear what Tan’s find is, the overwhelming evidence suggests that it is not an extraterrestrial, no matter how odd it seems to be.

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