Home Inspiration Stunning Model With a 100-lb Leg Inspires People to Value Their Individuality

Stunning Model With a 100-lb Leg Inspires People to Value Their Individuality

Modeling is something that Mahogany Geter, who is 24 years old, is interested in pursuing as a profession. She was born with an incredibly rare condition that led her to have a leg that weighed one hundred pounds and also caused her to have a limb that was very deformed. There had been many difficulties in Geter’s life until she was given a chance to become a model. Geter now inspires people to have a good attitude about their bodies.

Viraltrendzs thought her tale to be motivational and a wonderful illustration of how beauty can be discovered in unexpected places. We really wanted to tell you about Geter’s experience of learning to accept oneself since it is so inspiring.

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Tennessean Mahogany Geter was born with an unusual ailment that gave her a 100-pound left leg. Lymphedema is characterized by the accumulation of fluid in the body’s soft tissues, which may produce noticeable swelling. Geter’s whole left side is affected, although it is only her leg that shows any signs of discomfort.

This issue, which was found on Geter shortly after birth, made it very challenging for her to walk. Naturally, carrying about an additional hundred pounds causes her to feel exhausted, as she herself admitted. She is at a higher risk of developing fibrosis as a result of her disease. The only effective treatment is a combination of physiotherapy and massages aimed at reducing the swelling in her leg.


The model said that she had a tough upbringing. She’s gone through a lot of emotional turmoil due to the fact that she was a youngster and now everyone is gazing at her and she feels completely helpless. As a kid, she was the target of much-unjustified criticism and teasing. She said she would warn that the experience might have a greater impact on the person’s psyche and emotions.

Geter stated she never thought she was gorgeous when she was a kid. She often grieved alone because she felt so unattractive and different. Many of the physicians had recommended surgery for her. She repeatedly declined, explaining that in previous, more extreme situations, surgery hadn’t eliminated the growth entirely. Instead, she decided to embrace her imperfections.


In 2017, a photographer happened across Geter when she was working at Walmart, and the experience transformed her life forever. The girl first rejected the idea, but later consented to pose for photos. Age has made her realize that it’s probably time to start exposing more of herself in the hopes that she may assist others.

Geter’s modeling career was launched with this break. After then, a video featuring her became popular on YouTube, eventually receiving over 10 million views. There has been a noticeable uptick in her visibility throughout various social media, particularly Instagram. She has received mostly good feedback, with the most heartening being the remark that her work has helped others who share her poor self-esteem.


Geter has maintained a good attitude in the face of online harassment because of her growing online profile. She told me that the folks she has met on the internet have been really kind and encouraging. You won’t find anything but hate and trolls here. She has been unwavering in her mission to promote body acceptance and help people feel better in their own skin.

Geter has decided to pursue her ambition of becoming a fashion model. She hopes to one day purchase her mom a home and provide for her family if she becomes wealthy. Then she plans to give back to everyone who has helped me by spreading information about lymphedema. She keeps using her situation to encourage people to embrace their own unique qualities.


Despite the challenges she has faced, Geter has now come to terms with who she is and is committed to sharing her perspective with others. She struggled with poor self-esteem for years, but with the help of the lymphedema community online and her inspirational mother, she finally saw her own beauty. Not just in appearance but also in character.





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