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Strange Scooters Made From Old Volkswagen Beetle Fenders

It’s easy to recognize the epic Volkswagen Beetle even if you’re not a car aficionado because of its distinctive shape. It is estimated that around 21 million of these delightfully little autos have been produced since the company began making them in 1938. In reality, according to records, the last one rolled off the production line in 2003. So, the automobile has been in continuous production for a remarkable 65 years, which is quite astounding.

Volkspods are two little, beautiful scooters designed by Brent Walter. He created these little scooters to pay homage to the eternal elegance of the car. He utilized the fenders from an old Volkswagen Beetle to construct those two scooters. We at Viraltrendzs have compiled some fantastic photographs of these Volkspods for your viewing enjoyment, and we hope you like them.

#1 This is what the Volkswagen Beetle looks like in its original form.

Image credits: A.W.O.L.

In a discussion with Bored Panda, Brent stated that he’d wanted a scooter to Volkswagen shows. Handyman claims that these fenders were leftover while he was constructing his automobile. It wasn’t all that important, but he wanted to practice welding tiny sheets of metal.

#2 These small bikes were made by Brent Walter out of classic Volkswagen Beetle fenders lately.

Image credits: Brent Walter

Brent has been dealing with the two bikes since March of this year. Brents claims that the original (green) model’s meager 79cc output is unsuitable for daily usage. The second (blue) model features a 212cc engine and a higher ground clearance than the first. Brent thinks that the blue scooter is more sensible to bike on the road.

#2 There are only two models, each with a 79cc or 212cc engine and decorated in traditional green and blue hues.

Image credits: Brent Walter

Fenders for these antique cars are not as prevalent as you may think. Brent, on the other hand, is of the opposing viewpoint to that of the majority.  It seems that parts for the vintage Beetles are surprisingly simple to come by, particularly at swap meetings.

#3 Since the beginning, Brent’s Instagram account has been a popular source of information for many admirers.

Image credits: Brent Walter


Image credits: Brent Walter


Image credits: Brent Walter


Image credits: Brent Walter


Image credits: Brent Walter

#8 Check out the video below to see the little motorcycles in action!

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