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Strange ‘Blacked Out’ Island Found On Google Maps Puzzles People

Being able to explore the whole globe without ever getting up from your sofa is a fascinating concept. Back in 2005, Google Maps was introduced as part of the Google Apps suite of products and services. As a result, many inquisitive internet users from all around the globe continue to discover new things on google maps.

We would like to share with you about a weird island on Google Maps which has confused a large number of regular people.

'Blacked Out' Island Found On Google Maps
image credits : reddit

It was found that a strange island on Google Maps seemed to be completely blacked out.

Following that, a large number of individuals on the internet were completely perplexed.

It’s understandable why some have speculated that they may have finally located the island from the hit television series Lost. For those of you who have watched Lost, you will understand why this is not a realistic scenario. However, if you haven’t seen it, know that it was released more than 10 years ago.

In any case, let’s get one thing straight: it isn’t an island. It seems like an atoll. Everyone, for the most part, is aware that Google Maps contains a massive amount of information. Thus, we are still uncertain of where we should begin our search for this. What we do know is that it has a weird appearance.

The island’s outside edge seems to be bordered by lighter water (for the time being, we shall refer to it as an island). On the outskirts, it seems as if there are some lovely beaches being pounded by strong waves.

Despite that, the island’s core is completely black. As a further note, we are aware of the fact that Google Maps often excludes areas from which they do not have access. Additionally, areas where people do not want them to be informed of current events or just do not want their location shown on Google Maps in any manner, are included. Which, by the way, is quite reasonable. Not everyone wants their home to be so easily accessible to visitors.

And it’s possible that’s just a mistake of the way the program is put together. Alternatively, it’s possible they forgot to include the middle part.

But it hasn’t stopped nice souls on the net from speculating about it anyhow.

“God dropped his guitar pick,” one commenter commented.

According to another commenter, his initial impression was that it had been edited. He also thinks it’s strange that a natural structure on such a shallow, tiny atoll/island would be so dark.

A third person said that they have found the island in Lost.

One Redditor, though, may have discovered the answer to the issue. He said that the blue hue around the island is a painted-in color to ensure that the seas seem consistent on maps. He also claimed that islands are created by removing part of the blue to allow the satellite picture to peek through.

Thus, what you’re seeing here as you go inward is an artificial ocean color, a natural ocean with waves, a beach, and an island according to him.

And he said to have no idea about an island’s size or shape since they exist in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Finally, he said, “Whatever it is, it seems to be very cool. Assume it’s a combination Lost island/Area 51/pit of despair setup.”

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