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Spider Rains in Australia.

The process is called mass ballooning, Silk threads are used to catch air currents by small arachnids on their trip to a new habitat. These spider rains are very unusual and amazing.

We Viraltrendzs, have brought up some really interesting facts. Do you actually know the process of how these millions of spiders cover such a large area with their webs in Australia? Let’s see.

mass ballooning in Australia
image credits: imgur.com

It was in Southern Tablelands region, millions of spiders rained from the sky covering the whole countryside with their webs. These creatures fly from the sky, that’s why we see these incident as snowing.

According to Robb Bennett, a research associate in entomology at the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, the spiders are really “very, very little” adults known as sheet-web weavers or money spiders, despite the fact that numerous news sources have referred to them as infants.

mass ballooning in Australia
image credits: imgur.com

Bennett points out that it’s unclear what motivates these spiders to take to the skies in what are known as mass ballooning occurrences.

However, once they do, millions of them crawl to the tallest places in their environment, such as a fence pole or a tall plant, and release silk threads that allow them to be carried by air currents.

Many of these creatures will die during the trip, they gets eaten by various animals and also due to weather conditions. Only a less amount of them will be left to survive.

mass ballooning in Australia
image credits: imgur.com

Spiders are often the first species to recolonize an area that has been entirely devastated, such as an agricultural field, thanks to this remarkable accomplishment.

These types of ballooning events is a common incident to Australia. Ballooning creatures have also been identified in United States and Britain. Still these ballooning creatures are very random and rare as Bennet says.

mass ballooning in Australia
mass ballooning in Australia
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