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SF Man Spends $400k To Relocate $2.6m Victorian House 7 Blocks Away

The need of relocating from one’s existing location is not something that occurs often. Relocating is never fun, from packing and unpacking to cleaning and settling in a new location. On the other hand, it’s invigorating and marks the start of a new chapter.

Well, there are occasions when you don’t have to relocate as much as your home needs to move. One San Franciscan guy gave the word a whole new meaning. Moving his whole house, including the porch, to a new location seven blocks away was a very demanding task for him. It’s really awesome.

This two-story Victorian house was dubbed “Englander House”.

With the help of gigantic dollies, it was moved from 807 Franklin Street to its current position on Fulton Street after 139 years in the neighborhood.

A real estate broker in San Francisco, Tim Brown, was responsible for orchestrating the move. When it came to converting the historic property into a 48-unit apartment complex, it was important to keep the old structure intact. Englander House, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, was purchased by Brown for $2.6 million back in 2013.

It cost him close to $400,000 to move it down the block. This property will be converted into seven residential flats, according to his plans. It was erected in 1882 and has a total floor space of 5,170 square feet. During the 0.06-mile distance between 807 Franklin Street and 635 Fulton Street, it was transported at an average speed of 1 mile per hour.

In San Francisco, moving houses has been a long-standing practice for generations. It also entails the employment of horses to transport them around the street until automobiles and trucks were introduced to take their places.

Englander House was relocated in for the first time almost half a century. As was planned, videos and images from the incident went viral very soon. It didn’t take long for others to make light of the unusual situation.

Following are some reactions to this article from folks on the internet.

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