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Sex Education Teacher Uses Human-Sized Condom To Deliver Lesson

Antonio Guzman is a Mexican teacher that specializes in teaching sex education to his students. He has recently gained popularity as a consequence of a video posted on the TikTok by one of his students.

In the video that went viral, he teaches students how to put on a condom using a unique way. The technique was shown by the teacher by wrapping a large piece of cloth around the whole body of one of his students.

The “human-sized condom” was placed on the head of one willing pupil.

Image credits: @alberto_lm24

Alberto Lopez Medina, a student, uploaded the video to TikTok, where it has earned over 10 million views.

“This is sex education in Mexico,” he captioned the video.

While the students are laughing it up in the classroom, Mr. Guzman explains to them that the shape of the penis will be different for each individual.

He went on to explain that some men have penises that bend forward, while others have penises that bend backward, and yet others have penises that tilt to the side.

According to the sex education teacher, what the students are finally seeing is a fourth-grade erection.

The class filled with laughter as the demo continued.

Image credits : @alberto_lm24

Reports indicate that teachers in Mexico have been using a variety of strategies to educate their students. Particularly when it comes to the necessity of using contraception to prevent unexpected pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted illnesses.

Guzman praised his pupil Alberto Lopez Medina for posting the video after it became viral on social media.

The student expressed his appreciation for the detailed explanation. He went on to remark that the explanation was humorous as well as understandable.

The majority of viewers considered the hilarious video to be both useful and entertaining, based on the comments underneath it.

Condoms may be worn by people of various sizes, according to Mr.Guzman.

Image credits : @alberto_lm24

“Honestly, this is the way to do it,” one reviewer commented. He went on to remark that these students will never forget the moment since it was so entertaining for them.

Another commenter found it amusing. However, he is confident that the pupils understood everything completely. The reviewer went on to say that the explanation is far superior to a lecture in which everything is serious and formal.

A third claimed it wasn’t a joke and that it’s wonderful that they teach us in such a responsible and amusing manner.

In the video below, Mr.Guzman is shown teaching his students.


Así la educación en mexico 🤣🤣

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