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Scrapman transforms Range Rover into a ‘007 submarine’ and drives underwater.

After converting his Range Rover Classic into a 007 submarine, a clever scrapman dubbed the “country James Bond” has shocked automobile lovers.

Nathan Gibbons sought the aid of friends Andrew Tuff, and Blake Capuano to transform a 1987 Range Rover Classic into an underwater vehicle, then drove totally submerged in water while holding his breath.

The 34-year-old and his crew came together on July 18 to extend the exhaust with a 4ft drain pipe, enabling him to submerge the car and drive it around the 8ft-deep pond bed.

Range Rover Classic transformed into a 007 submarine
image credits : mirror.co.uk

When the repair was finished, Nathan put the submarine to the test by driving it into a pool of water in a field in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, with only the duct-taped engine ‘snorkel’ showing, while Blake caught the whole event on video.

“The snorkel was extended in five minutes using a drain pipe and duct tape. It already had one, but we wanted to make it longer so that it could fit beneath it “Nathan, a Chesterfield resident, stated.

“I wasn’t nervous at all, and it didn’t disturb me at all. I just said, “All right, I’m off.” I held my breath, covered my mouth and nose with my palm, and closed my eyes.”

The Range Rover appears 15 seconds later in the video, with a smiling Nathan seated peacefully in the driver’s seat despite having to hold his breath as water filled his car to the top through its open windows.

image credits : mirror.co.uk

“The car didn’t seem to be moving at all. I could tell it was still going by the rumble. When you’re underwater, 15 seconds seems like a long time “He went on to say more.

“You sense like you’re in that James Bond vehicle for those 15 seconds. It’s like being in a submarine, but the water pours in as quickly as you’re driving because there are holes in the bottom and the windows are open. It’s something I’ve done several times. We were about to go further deeper, but I’m happy we didn’t because I couldn’t hold my breath.”

Nathan, a father of three, has described how he felt like a rural James Bond driving Roger Moore’s Lotus Esprit S1 Wet Nellie underwater in The Spy Who Loved Me since carrying off the trick.

The Range Rover completely under water.
image credits : mirror.co.uk

“I felt rather pleased with myself. It was just something a group of friends wanted to do. I can’t believe how wacky things have gotten on the internet lately. Friendship requests have come in from all across the world “Nathan clarified.

“In April, we were heading down the River Doe Lea, and they’d dug it out where they’d constructed a new bridge, so when it got to this deep place, it went straight down and flooded the engine. It took us two hours to pull it out, so I said, ‘Okay when the weather improves, we’ll go completely immersed.’ We drove down since the weather was lovely over the weekend.”

“I’ve seen videos and every time people do it, they either break down or don’t get far enough,” he said, “but I wanted to get it all the way beneath.”

image credits : hemantekkahotandviral

Nathan and the boys, on the other hand, have no intention of stopping there. The next step is to attach pipes that will allow them to breathe while underwater, allowing them to drive the vehicle the entire length of the pond.

“We have to fix the Range Rover first, but we have a tiny Smart car that we’re planning on to perform a water jump,” he said.

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