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Russian Santa Claus, A Faithful Companion Of Grandfather Frost

Do you know about the Story Of The Russian Santa Claus? In Russia, the New Year holiday eclipses Christmas, and big festivities occur on December 31st. On this day, Russia’s Grandfather Frost arrives with a lovely Snow Maiden, or Snegurochka, as the Russians call her. No other civilization has a winter character. Snegurochka’s story is obscure.

Every year on New Year’s Day, Slavs would sacrifice a young virgin to the ghost of Grandfather Frost. Snow Maiden – The Snow Maiden’s frozen body, was eventually known as the Snow Maiden. A more upbeat Russian folktale describes her as a snowgirl, the daughter of Father Frost and Mother Spring. She couldn’t love or stroll beneath the sun. But she felt lonely in the wilderness, away from young people, and longed to live among them. So Mother Spring sent her to the village to learn to love. She dissolved like snow when she fell in love.

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This story tells about natural spirits that expire with the seasons. Another tradition says Grandfather Frost once discovered a girl frozen solid. From then on, she was his grandchild, a partner in performing good actions, and a faithful companion in his New Year’s travels. Our New Year’s interview is for her.

She is a fairy tale character. How is the Snow Maiden’s status changed in reality?

Russian Santa Claus conjures the image of a jovial, red-nosed, round-bellied, red-suited, bearded figure

The Snow Maiden’s status cannot be transmitted. One Snow Maiden. We hold a tournament in Kostroma with young females from various districts. I run the contest, and the winner becomes my year’s primary helper. Last year’s champion was a Moscovite. She was the Snow Maiden of Kostroma’s principal helper. We will conduct a tournament in early December this year. Grandfather Frost, along with other specialists, will serve on the jury. A culinary exhibition, a singing and dancing competition, and a game with children await the females.

Grandpa Frost is Snow Maiden’s grandfather in folklore. Do you have any real-life relatives?

In Russian folklore, I am not Grandfather Frost’s true granddaughter. Grandfather Frost discovered the Snow Maiden. Also, in Aleksandr Nikolaevich Ostrovsky’s folk tale, Snow Maiden’s parents are Winter’s Frost and Spring. So I have my birthday in April, at the start of spring.

During the summer,

I have a busy summer planned. My summer vacations to Grandfather Frost’s birthplace are very meaningful. Every year, I serve as a pioneer leader with Kostroma youngsters and plan activities. Summer is our municipal holiday, and the kids love seeing Father Frost. He comes every year. Overall, Kostroma has many summer activities, and we have recognized our city as “Fairytale Kostroma — the birthplace of the Snow Maiden.”

What should the Snow Maiden’s character traits be?

Russian Santa Claus, known as Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost), is slender with a wizard

Above all, she must be authentic. It’s fantastic that many Snow Maidens can act. The essential thing is to treat them well.

Do you believe Females should assist grandfather Frost’s overseas colleagues? What would Santa’s Snow Maiden look like?

Western mythology has no heroes like the Snow Maiden from Russian folk tales. But even without a grandchild, most heroes have a buddy. In Belgium, there’s Vestfalli. Lastly, to understand the European Snow Maiden, we must first understand the European mindset. A classic Snow Maiden depiction might be misunderstood overseas. Because we live in a technologically advanced age, I believe the Snow Maiden should be contemporary, energetic, and mobile.

May you explain how an adult can believe in a fairy tale?

It would be great if you first grasped a fairy tale. The narrative of Grandfather Frost is a fairy tale for children, but grownups believe in aliens, which is also a fairy tale. So a fairy tale sticks with people forever.

What might the Snow Maiden’s pre-holiday wishes be?

I want the kids to remain young as long as possible. You should always retain it in your heart and soul since childhood is a magical period. Our youth’s little warmth, pleasure, and joy make life much simpler. I would also desire them to undertake nice things that benefit not just the world but also themselves.

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