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Russian Couple Adopts An Orphaned Brown Bear Since 23 Years

We are all aware that Russians have always been a little out of the ordinary in terms of their actions and attitudes. But, does being unusual mean adopting a brown bear as a part of the family? However, the answer might be yes. The reason for this is because a Russian couple who discovered the orphaned bear cub 23 years ago was so compassionate as to take it in and nurture it as if it were their own. They’re still having fun with their wild friend and are happy to have him around.

Let me introduce you to Stepan. Stepan is a tamed pet bear that lives in Moscow, Russia, with his owners Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko. Stepan was adopted by the Panteleenko family when he was just three months old. He was found by hunters while hiding in the forest, abandoned and in poor condition. When Svetlana and Yuriy saw the bear cub, they decided to raise it as their own.

More info: medvedstepan.ru (h/t: dailymail)

When Stepan was 3 months old, his adoptive parents took him in.

Stepan has matured into a kind and, let’s be honest, an adorable bear in the intervening 23 years. He lends a hand around the home by watering plants and enjoys spending time with his people while watching television. His owner, Mrs. Panteleenko, describes him as “a social bear who enjoys people’s company.” Even though he seems to be hostile, he is really quite cool and relaxed. As far as they know, Stepan has never bitten anybody.

Hunters discovered him frail and lonely in the woods.

Panteleenkos claims that this Russian bear consumes 25 kg of fish, veggies, and eggs each day. Despite this, Stepan maintains a healthy weight and physical fitness due to his love of football. On the other hand, his other interests include appearing in films and appearing in photoshoots.

It was Svetlana and Yuriy who gave him the care he needed to become well.

Now he’s a lovable 23-year-old!

He is a very friendly bear that enjoys meeting new people.

Despite appearances, he is not violent.

Stepan has never bitten any of them.

He, too, enjoys a cup of tea in the morning.

But nothing beats a sofa cuddle with his people…

Gardening is his biggest love, and he enjoys it much.

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