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Rocki Robot Shoots Treats At Home-Alone Pets And Plays With Them

When dogs and cats are left alone at home for long periods, they get lonely and bored. No matter how much we’d want to, we can’t spend every waking hour with our dogs. Technology has thankfully made it feasible for pets to have a companion when we are gone or occupied. Owners of cats and dogs may engage with their pets from anywhere, at any time. Rocki robot can be controlled and navigated from an iOS or Android smartphone using the free app accessible on app store platforms such as the App Store or Google Play.

Your cat or dog will become great friends with Rocki (you may even get jealous). Having a robotic pet friend has several advantages, like lowering anxiety, boosting activity, and making your pet’s day more fun!

Rocki robot shoots out treats a distance of 1 – 2 ft (0.3 to 0.6 m). (Credit: Rocki)
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Rocki Demo
Rocki robot is remotely controlled online by pet owners viewing real-time video from the robot’s camera.
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Rocki Demo

Pet owners may use the app to see Rocki’s live camera output on their smartphone from anywhere, whether they’re at work or on the road. They may then drive the robot about their home in real-time, looking for their pet, playing with it, talking to it, and giving it a treat or two. Rocki will put your mind at rest knowing that your pet and house are in good hands. As an added advantage, you can use this Wi-Fi-equipped robot. To educate your dog while you’re at home alone by pushing the feed button to reward excellent behavior with goodies.

Especially, it also has two-way communication, so you can use your voice to comfort your pet while they are impatiently awaiting your arrival.

Rocki robot will become best friends with your cat or dog
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Rocki Demo
Rocki robot  is remotely controlled over the internet, by pet owners viewing real-time video from the robot's camera.
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Rocki Demo

The robot’s default toy is an interactive laser pointer that can be controlled through the app. The laser pointer is especially entertaining for cats, who like chasing the light around. More toy mounts will be introduced in the future. However, you may use your chew toy to attach to the robotic arm until then. Rocki’s battery should last three to one week on a single charge, depending on how often and for how long the gadget is used. The robot may be purchased for $229 on their website.

Leaving your pet alone at home might be upsetting for both you and your pet, but it is unavoidable. As a result, it’s vital to discover methods to make it more bearable. Such as providing your pet a toy to play with while you’re away. Wickedbone Smart Bone – an autonomous and interactive dog toy – and iDogmate – a mechanical ball launcher dog toy are two more amazing robotic devices and toys to keep your dogs occupied.

A smart toy may offer your pet the mental and physical stimulation. They need while keeping them entertained for hours, preventing loneliness and boredom. Furthermore, knowing that your pet is active and happy while you’re gone can help you stay calm and focused.

Rocki Robot is a canine and feline companion. The robot contains 1080p and infrared (night vision) cameras, a microphone, a speaker, and four omnidirectional mecanum wheels to move forward and backward and side to side. It also has a dispenser that can keep and deliver up to fifteen user-supplied goodies. As well as a mechanical arm that can hold other toys like feathers.

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