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Rescue dogs were shot dead by the council before being adopted due to ‘Covid fears.’

Bourke Shire Council in Cobra, an Australian city in central New South Wales, brutally activated homeless poachers in the hope of saving Covid’s to protect his community from danger.

Rescue dogs hoping to adopt suddenly have been shot and killed by an Australian council, and Covid has been blamed for the brutal bloodshed caused by the ban. Cats, including newborns, were slaughtered to stop the volunteers from entering the country. The Bourke Shir Council told a local watchdog that it was “protecting its employees and the community from the risk of Covid transmission.” But the Sydney Morning Herald reports that the brutal execution of frightened animal activists is an “unacceptable” act. The Animal Liberation Movement manager, Lisa Ryan, was outraged: “We are shocked and terrified by this powerful dog shooting.

And, we reject the unacceptable justifications of the House that this assassination was clearly carried out as part of the Covid security plan. Although the shooting aims to stop the spread of the infection, there are no local coronary virus patients in Cobar, central West New Wales, where the killings began. According to reports, the shelter volunteers are in dire straits and have taken preventive measures against the pandemic.

And also, despite repeated attempts by the local media to contact the church administration, they have not issued a statement.

Especially, Local Government Minister Shelley Hancock has accused Ryan of “not considering the reality of serious problems.” Animal Welfare spokeswoman Abigail, “The Liberal-National government is spreading its fingers over animal welfare issues and killing more animals,” she said. “Local communities pay for church pounds, and it is clear that shootings for lost and unclaimed dogs in these publicly funded facilities are far below community expectations.” Ms. Hancock declined to comment but said she was unaware of the council’s shooting to kill animals in March. “If it’s a habit, I care about it – if it’s a cat or a dog,” she said at the time. An official government inquiry into the shootings is expected.

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