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Renting a House? Here Are Some Smart Decorating Ideas

When it comes to decorating a rented house, there are a few restrictions to consider, since many owners will not permit any permanent modifications. The extent of the alterations that can be done is entirely up to the owner; some will let you paint or make minor adjustments as long as you restore the property to its original condition. However, statements such as “Don’t drill the walls”, “Don’t change the wall color”, and “No construction permitted in the residences” are commonly heard.

Thus according interior designer Jessica Today of Laurel and Wolf, after a stressful day at work, you should relax to an environment that feels like own home, and that is why you should make some décor modifications to your environment.

So, how can you give your rented home some style without jeopardizing your deposit? If you’re going to decorate your rental home, have a look at these brilliant decorating ideas compiled by Viraltrendzs.

#1 Rearrange Furniture

Rearranging furniture.

Changing the interior of your house can sometimes be as simple as relocating the furniture to a different position. While you’re at it, avoid placing a couch or anything else in front of the windows, since this will obstruct natural light and end up making the room appear smaller or cluttered. Also, move furniture closer to the wall by just few inches. Make sure the coffee tables are at touching distance from one other. Ensure the side tables are almost the equal height as the armchairs if you have them.

The same may be said for your outside area. If your outside area is bare, try investing in some excellent outdoor living furniture to transform the aesthetic of your room and your home’s overall ambience.

#2 Temporary Wallpaper

Consider using wallpaper instead of painting if one of your house rules is not to paint it. Choose a temporary wallpaper that you may customize with your own touch. You may have temporary wallpaper that peels off quickly and doesn’t damage the walls of your rented house. To save money, buy wallpaper that you can easily fix. Finally, if you want to lighten up your living room, choose a chic and stylish summer-themed wallpaper.

#3 House Plants 

Consider purchasing few indoor plants or flowers if you would like to liven up your rented space. You just have to understand the dos and don’ts of plant maintenance, and the more plant knowledge you have, the better. To cheer up your area, place the plants in vibrant pots. Plants are necessary because, in addition to ensuring the air surrounding you safe to breathe, they aid you operate more efficiently. You’ll need them if you work from home.

#4 Accessorize the Area You’ve Rented

Adding decorations to your house is one way to make it more unique. Aromatic candles, souvenirs, toss cushions, customized wine cellars, and carpets can all add individuality to your house while also making it seem gorgeous. If you’ve traveled extensively, I’m certain you have several souvenirs from all of the areas you’ve been. Rather than keeping them in a cupboard, why not put them on show in your living area? When you have company, they may serve as a discussion starter or add flavour to your living area.

Don’t underestimate the power of a carpet in your house. Choose the appropriate size, level of luxury, and design. Many designers agree that floor rugs that cover a discussion area are excellent. Also, try to select a carpet that suits your furnishings.

Summing Up

You really don’t have to live in a dull house just because you don’t own it. As previously said, you must speak with your owner and understand the dos and don’ts of modifying the décor before proceeding. Even if you aren’t permitted to make major modifications, you can still modernize your house using the clever decorating ideas above.

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