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18 Really Interesting Things About Conjoined Twins Abby And Brittany

The Conjoined Twins Abby and Brittany, who are originally from the United States, are Siamese sisters. These conjoined twins have gained fame for being one of the most open pairs of conjoined twins ever. Most of the time, conjoined twins do not survive their mother’s pregnancy or delivery, much alone their childhood. Aside from that, this combo is a wonderful illustration of the strength of the human spirit.

The Conjoined Twins Abby and Brittany are a real example of fighting fit.
Image Credits : YOUTUBE

This, of course, raises a slew of questions. These identical twin sisters have volunteered on several occasions to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by members of the general audience. What is it like to live like conjoined twins? What is their profession? How do they eat, and use the bathroom together? What are their odds of finding love? We at Viraltrendzs have addressed a lot of these questions, and many of them are straightforward.

#1 It is rare for conjoined twins to survive until adulthood.

It is rare for conjoined twins to survive until adulthood.
Image credits : Internet Archive Book Images / flickr / No known copyright restrictions

Please continue reading to discover more about these two young ladies, who are sometimes misunderstood for being one person. Both Abby and Brittany have an awe-inspiring presence in more ways than one would think.

It is quite rare to come across a pair of conjoined twins. Currently, it is thought that about 1 in 200,000 births involves twins who are joined together. Approximately 60% of all births result in a stillborn child, and only about one percent of conjoined twins survive into their first two years of life. Less than 12 sets of conjoined twins are still alive today. Abby and Brittany are two such individuals.

A variety of health issues might arise in conjoined twins throughout their young years, decreasing their chances of surviving. Even though all of this has happened, Abby and Brittany have grown up. This shows that they are among the small minority.

#2 It’s a mixture of common and individual organs in their bodies.

It's a mixture of common and individual organs in their bodies.
Image credits : flickr / CC0

Thanks to modern medicine now we have a better understanding of their interior functioning. Their shared organs include two hearts, four lungs (two of which are fused), two stomachs, two gallbladders, one liver, one small and large intestine, three kidneys, one bladder, and a single set of reproductive organs. They also have two spines that merge at the pelvis.

To put it another way, there are clearly two persons living within that human body. However, they share a number of vital organs, making separation difficult.

Since they share a reproductive organ, it makes sense to wonder how they have sex. Is it possible for them to become pregnant and have a baby? The conjoined twins Abby and Brittany have expressed a desire to marry and establish a family, despite the fact that this has yet to occur. As a result, this might be a future issue for them to cope with.

#3 When they were babies, they had three arms.

When they were babies, they had three arms.

Even doctors are baffled by the anatomy of the conjoined twins Abby and Brittany, as we mentioned in our earlier article. They had three arms as newborns, despite the fact that Abby and Brittany now only have two. Even though it seemed to be primitive, the third arm ended up being totally ineffective. The third arm made it hard to move the shoulder blades, it was more of a problem than a help. Consequently, the parents of Abby and Brittany had the extra arm surgically removed while they were still infants.

Most of the time, the parents of Abby and Brittany oppose any medical procedures or research that isn’t absolutely necessary for their daughters’ well-being. To be sure, as the girls developed, they had this operation and another significant procedure to fix an issue with their ribs. Today, it seems that the couple will no longer need significant surgical procedures.

#4 They each only have control over one-half of their body.

They each only have control over one half of their body.

Even the simplest tasks in life are a challenge for Abby and Brittany. Abby is in charge of the right side of the body, while Brittany is in charge of the left side. As a result, each of the conjoined twins will be responsible for controlling one leg and one arm. Twins had to learn everything together, from crawling to walking, running to writing, and even putting on their own clothes. Even just standing up takes both of them to operate flawlessly together.

They like activities like volleyball and bowling and are equally adept at writing, swimming, and dancing. They are even good at music.

#5 Even if one is well, the other might get ill.

Even if one is well, the other might get ill.
Image credits : TLC

Being so close and sharing so much of their bodies, it seems sensible that the girls would become sick at the same time, right? However, this isn’t necessarily the case at all. If one of them is allergic to a drug, the other will not have any trouble. When it comes to diseases such as colds and pneumonia, Brittany is more susceptible to catching them than Abby.

It’s surprising to note that the girls have only ever complained about being joined when they were sick. Brittany was very sick while she was still a little kid. For a while, Abby was sick from spending her days in bed. So she made up her mind to do something. The girls have shown no desire to be separated from one another after that incident.

#6 Abby and Brittany walk differently despite being conjoined twins.

Despite Being conjoined twins Abby and Brittany walk differently
Image credits : Naked Stories / YouTube

Because each twin controls a different half of the body, their ways of doing things might be very different in some situations. This includes walking.

Abby has a habit of walking with her feet level on the ground. However, Brittany loves to walk on her tiptoes, so her half of the stroll is a bit more bouncy. Abby’s leg is somewhat longer than Brittany’s. Brittany’s tiptoes become something of a necessity more often as a result of this.

#7 Did the conjoined twins Abby and Brittany cheat on tests?

Did the conjoined twins Abby and Brittany cheat on tests?
Image credits : Naked Stories / YouTube

These two pretty girls were interviewed while they were youngsters. Their answers to questions they were often asked were likewise thoughtful. The education of these twins was often brought up, with the support of one instructor in particular. Their teacher, Connie Stahlke, gave them the choice of working alone or with others on assignments and projects. During exams, each of them took their own tests. However, both girls have said that they had never cheated on the examinations.

However, in a video interview, they were given the same questions. There they admitted that they sometimes cheated on tests in a sneaky way.

#8 Their body temperatures can vary.

Their body temperatures can vary.
Image credits: TLC

Like any other pair of siblings, they are definitely unique persons. In comparison to Brittany, Abby is shyer. Brittany is frightened of heights. It’s intriguing to see how the twins respond to coffee in such different ways. When Brittany drinks a lot of coffee, her heart rate goes up, but her sister doesn’t.

It is possible for them to have various temperatures in their bodies. As Abby claims, Brittany’s temperature might be very different from hers. Abby becomes really heated much quicker since their hands are usually of a distinct temperature.

#9 They don’t like it when strangers take pictures of them.

They don't like it when strangers take pictures of them.
Image credits : Gentside UK

Normally people don’t like strangers gazing at them. In the case of Abby and Brittany, there are no exceptions to the rule. When they’re out in public, they have to deal with unwelcome attention, like people taking pictures of them without their permission.

Erin Junkans is a long-time friend of both of the girls. Because of all the attention the twins get, she is always on the lookout for anything dubious. It’s her argument that she wants to make sure Abby and Brittany are safe and not overexposed in images. The way the girls interact with the audience is something she’s constantly keeping an eye out for.

#10 They have a sister and a brother.

They have a sister and a brother.

You would think that Abby and Brittany are all that the Hensels have going for them, but they aren’t the only ones! They have two younger siblings, one brother and one sister, in addition to their mother and father.

Dakota, their younger brother, and Morgan, their younger sister have tried hard to stay out of the public eye. None of them were born with any deformities. Brittany and Abby have a close bond with their parents and siblings.

#11 After delivery, doctors had the option of separating the babies.

After delivery, doctors had the option of separating the babies.
Image credits : TLC

A possible solution would have been for the babies to be separated at delivery. However, their parents opposed the idea. Even though the sisters shared so many organs, doctors said they may attempt to separate them. Furthermore, only one of the girls was going to get it out of this procedure alive, which just added to the stress of the situation. As soon as their parents learned about this, they firmly refused the surgery to allow the children to live together.

It’s not only that their parents have always tried to differentiate them. In spite of the fact that both girls had the same physique, their mother was always cautious to only punish one of them. Though it was an unusual way to grow up, the twins like it and their parents adore them.

#12 They had to retake their driving test.

They had to retake their driving test.
Image credits : YOUTUBE

Due to the fact that they are two separate people, Brittany and Abby desire to get two of everything. Even though they only pay for one seat on an airplane, they travel with two passports. They have two separate IDs for them, and they even receive two movie tickets when they go to the movies. A driver’s license is no exception to the rule that they should have two of everything.

They both earned their driver’s licenses together after finishing their driving lessons. One of them is in charge of one side of the wheel, while the other is in charge of the pedals and the other side of the wheel. Passing a road test is just one part of getting your license to drive. On the day they turned 16, each of the girls took and passed a written exam. Now, each of them has their own license to drive.

#13 Privacy is important to them, especially when it comes to romance.

Privacy is important to them, especially when it comes to romance.
image credits : abbyandbrittany

Despite being the subject of the TLC reality series Abby & Brittany, the sisters maintain a clear line between their personal and professional lives. They are willing to speak about the problems, accomplishments, and daily reality of living together. However, neither of them ever speaks openly about their romantic connections.

People make up stories all the time. It was once reported that Brittany was engaged, but the twins swiftly clarified that this was all a lie.

#14 Compared to Brittany, Abby is somewhat taller.

Compared to Brittany, Abby is somewhat taller.
Image credits : Youtube

Despite the fact that they are identical twins, Brittany and Abby each have their own unique set of features. Abby is the taller of the two sisters. She is 5′ 2″ tall, while Brittany is only 4′ 10″ tall. As a result of the disparity in height between the two of us, finding clothes, pants, and shoes that fit is a challenge.

#15 They are now employed as 5th Grade teachers.

They are now employed as 5th Grade teachers.
Image credits: Naked Stories / YouTube

Immediately after graduating from college, the twins both decided to continue their careers as teachers. They are currently employed as fifth-grade teachers. In their opinion, it’s far more beneficial to have two people do the job. This is because one can focus on what the students are saying and writing while the other watches the class.

As we mentioned in an earlier article, the conjoined twins Abby and Brittany were paid as a single unit until deciding to battle for the right to be paid separately.

#16 They can play the piano.

Image credits: Naked Stories / YouTube

The twins’ ability to work together is almost flawless. Typing on a keyboard and doing other creative activities show how well coordinated they are. Both of the girls have shown a keen interest in music and are capable of playing solos. They’re also really good at playing the piano together.

To begin, Abby plays the right-hand section of the melody, while Brittany plays the left-hand part. For the physicians, it’s a miracle that the two can make such exquisite music with their timing, technical talents, and musical taste.

#17 In 2012, they graduated from Bethel University.

In 2012, they graduated from Bethel University.
Image credits : Exposurephotos

Originally, the sisters wanted to follow separate degrees in different fields after high school. Brittany excelled in writing, whereas Abby excelled at mathematics. Doing different things become more logical as a consequence of this. However, after enrolling in classes at Bethel University, the two young ladies discovered that they shared a passion for learning.

In 2012, they each got their own degree in education. At the time, their goal was to become elementary school teachers with a focus on math.

#18 A seamstress makes their clothes fit their personalities.

A seamstress makes their clothes fit their personalities.
Image credits: Naked Stories / YouTube

Even though the girls have the same body, that doesn’t mean they have the same tastes. One of the girls may be a junk food fanatic, while the other prefers to sleep in. Aside from that, they prefer to dress in distinct ways.

When it comes to fashion, the twins aren’t always on the same page. There are a lot of differences in their styles, according to Abby. Brittany loves pearls, neutral colors, and other items of this kind. However, Abby would love it to be more vibrant, bright, and cheerful.

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