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Real-life Mowgli – Dwell in the forest among animals, eats grass and can’t talk.

A mother is compelled to chase her son through jungles with a makeshift lasso as he feeds on grasses and spends time among wild creatures.

Zanziman Ellie, 21, is unable to speak and refuses to consume the meals his devoted mother prepares for him, believing her kid is a divine gift.

Zanziman Ellie
Meet the real-life Mowgli who spends his days running through forests. (credits : The Sun)

Instead, he forages in the jungle near his Rwanda village for bananas and other fruits, as well as eating grass.

After losing five children at birth, his mother hailed him as a special kid and a gift from God.

Ellie, as he’s known, was born with microcephaly, a condition in which a baby’s head is smaller than normal, which has caused him to struggle with learning. He does not attend school and is terrified of his neighbors.

Because of his unconventional way of living, the young man, who was videotaped by Afrimax TV, has been called “monkey” by harsh bullies.

Ellie, 21 years old, and his adoring mother
Ellie, 21 years old, and his adoring mother. (Image: Newsflash)

“He doesn’t like food,” his mother explained. He likes bananas to other fruits. He has no idea what he’s doing and can’t accomplish anything.

Ellie just does one thing: run.” When he sees people, all he wants to do is flee. I have to chase him down wherever he goes. We can go 230 kilometers in a week.

“If I don’t keep up with him, he might not return home.”

According to the film, the entire community strives to keep him safe by keeping him away from the jungle.

Ellie’s neighbors are compelled to keep an eye on him and run after him in order to safeguard him from harm.

“He always graze like an animal,” his mother adds in the clip. He’s always trying to get away.”

According to his mother, the kid is bullied by cruel locals.
According to his mother, the kid is bullied by cruel locals. (Image: Newsflash)

Ellie, who is described as “as quick as Usain Bolt,” spends his days sprinting around the woods. Ellie is unable to communicate verbally and can only communicate through waves.

As he spends all of his time racing away from the hamlet, his mother has fashioned a homemade rope to capture him.

She pursues him into the woods, tossing the rope over his head to draw him in closer.

According to the film Born Different, Ellie was born with a skull the size of a tennis ball.

Zanziman Ellie
Ellie is reported to like eating grass and roaming through the forests. (Image: Newsflash)

“After losing our five children, we prayed God to at least grant us a disabled kid, as long as he did not die as young as the others,” his mother told filmmakers. I knew it was a message from God when he delivered him.”

The mother said that her son’s neighbors mistook him for an ape and harassed him mercilessly.

“This pains me so badly when my child goes and comes back beaten,” she added. They scream at him and refer to him as a monkey. Hearing others bully my son makes me so sad.

“Not just children, but also adults who blatantly bully him. They irritate me to no end. They don’t consider him a human, simply an animal.”

“He eats on grass without inspection,” a neighbor remarked. Everyone recognizes that he is unique; we have never seen another person who can feed on the grass and rely on pasture like other animals.

“He can make it in the woods.”

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