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Dangerous Real Life Diseases – ‘Walking Corpses’, Human Werewolves, Stone Man Syndrome.

People suffering from rare conditions in the world speak in different accents which are some Real Life Diseases, strike with their own hands or grow fur all over their bodies.

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Doctors welcome all types of patients through their doors – but even occasionally medical specialists can be a speaker because of jaw-dropping and dreaded persecution.

This week, the parents of a girl with an extremely rare genetic condition can be seen turning into bone. And other families have been warned to look out for warnings.

Although Lexi Robbins, born in January, looked like another healthy baby, now she has a rare and incurable condition that affects only one in two million people, Hertz Live reports.

Her parents, Hemel Hempstead, told Alex and Dave that their daughter had a life-threatening disease called Fibrodysplasia Occupy’s Progress (FOP) – otherwise known as ‘Stone Man Syndrome.’

A handful of conditions have plagued doctors for years – from the hands that develop their minds to the conviction that people are dead.

Here are some of the rarest syndromes in the world – and the people who fought them

Sudden changes in pronunciation.

A hospital nurse has been baffled for years by foreign pronunciation syndrome. When patients wake up from a coma, they speak with a completely different accent.

This disorder is caused by damage to a part of the brain related to speech. Strokes are the most common cause and neurological conditions such as trauma, cancer, and multiple sclerosis.

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This week, the confused Aussie Angie Yen said she was left with an Irish accent just months after her tonsils were removed.

One of the most extreme cases is Michael Armor, a mother who lost her Lancashire pronunciation overnight in 2015. She believed an MRI scan had ‘exacerbated’ her chronic complex migraine.

After Poulton-Le-Field’s Michael scan, it is not known whether she speaks Chinese, Filipino, South African, Italian, Polish, or French.

Michaela, the interior design business owner, said: “I have been plagued by racism for the past few years.

“It was first mourned in July 2015 in a supermarket. Someone said, ‘those polish people are everywhere’ – that’s scary.

“People always say I speak Chinese. ‘Can I have chicken fried rice?’ People have been working on the phone laughing, saying it always happens.

“People saying these things show how far my identity has gone with the situation. It’s frustrating to wake up in the morning and not know how you sound.”

Hands turn against their owners.

It sounds like the story of an adventure movie, but in rare cases, even your hand can develop its mind.

Alien Hand Syndrome associate with uncontrollable hand or limb movement when the corpus callosum, which connects the brain’s two hemispheres, is damaged.

Karen Byrne of New Jersey told the BBC that after 27 years of surgery to control her epilepsy, her left arm began to move unnecessarily.

Secretly, it tries to slap her cheek or blouse, and her left leg will behave roughly from time to time.

Talking about how she discovered the condition after the surgery, Karen explained: “Dr. O’Connor said, ‘Karen, what are you doing? Your hand is exposing you.’ I do not know if my left hand will open the buttons of my shirt until he says so.

“So I begin to rebuke with my right hand. As soon as I stopped, the left hand began to remove them. So he made an urgent call to another doctor and said, ‘Mike, you need to get here right away; we have a problem.’

She said: “I light a cigarette and balance it in an ashtray, then my left hand goes forward and staggers it. It will take things out of my handbag, and I will leave because I do not understand. I lost a lot before I realized what was going on.

The world is growing or shrinking in size.

In Lewis Carroll’s Alice Adventures in Wonderland, the protagonist discovers that she’s shrinking or growing after drinking a magic potion.

But even in real life, few have found that the world expands or becomes too small due to a condition named according to the novel.

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Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, also known as Todd’s Syndrome, can distort the perception of size, distance, or time in patients with migraines.

Robert Williams, an app designer in Sydney, Australia, found that he endures dizziness sensations when under extreme stress.

“I can crawl onto my bed. The front wall is about five meters away. Suddenly zoom in; it’s in front of my face,” he said.

“I do not see the wall moving towards me – it is there, in an instant.

He added: “You can look at an object like a painting on the wall of your living room, and suddenly it hits your face. The room feels like it is holding you back.

“Even if you say to the brain: ‘No, we’ve been here before, this is not true,’ your opinion is that this is so true. It’s a weird feeling.”

Although very few studies have been done on AWLS, researchers agree that this syndrome usually begins in childhood and is often associating with migraines and epilepsy, and viral infections.

Patients who believe they are ‘walking corpses.’

Walking Dead Syndrome – also known as Cortard’s Syndrome – is a dangerous condition.

Mental illness, first diagnosed in 1788, was a mental illness.

Hayley Smith, a teenager in Alabama, said she was convinced she had died before she recovered from watching Disney movies.

The 17-year-old said, “My parents were divorced, and I did not cope well. But one day, while I was sitting in an English class, I had this strange feeling that I was dead, and I could not shake it.

“When I got home, I thought I’d visit a cemetery, to be close with other people like me – dead – but since there was no one nearby, I went straight to my house and tried to sleep in it.”

Leaving her friends, she eventually sought the help of a therapist. And also, realized that it was a real condition that others were experiencing.

Watching Disney movies made her realize that she had a “warm, vague feeling” that she should be alive.

Hayley added: “Little Married, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, Bumblebee – I was looking at it all. I asked my boyfriend Jeremy, ‘How can I die when Disney makes me feel this good?’

Human werewolves.

Many rare conditions are invisible to the naked eye. And can make the lives of those affected by Human Werewolf Syndrome miserable.

This condition is caused by a rare genetic mutation that covers almost any part of the body with hair and cannot treat even laser surgery.

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Lalith Patidar, a 13-year-old schoolboy, living in India, described how he called a ‘monkey’ by bullies after experiencing abnormal hair growth on his face and hands.

Despite being accustomed to his condition, he often has bad days when he has difficulty breathing and seeing his excess hair. His parents have tried several treatments without success.

“Sometimes I wish I could be like the other kids, but I can’t do much about it,” he explained.

“I used to it. I’m usually comfortable with myself.”

Despite his condition, the young man lives a happy life and one-day dreams of supporting his parents by becoming a police officer.

Mum Parvatibai said: “Half an hour after Lalith was born, I amazed to see that his body was unusually covered with hair.

“He is different but very special. Because he was born after special prayers.”

The stomach becomes a booze factory.

This is where the body ferments carbohydrates and converts them into alcohol in your stomach.

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Lowestoft, Nick Carson of Suffolk, Victoria Sponge Cake crave a weird illness that can get him out of it.

The condition developed after the cleaning business owner exposed to strong chemicals at work about 20 years ago – but it took years before he diagnosed.

Nick said: “I’m drinking voluntarily because it’s up to you whether you want this situation or not.

“Having a little bit of sugar or carbohydrates can get me drunk quickly. I try to stick to a keto-based diet, but it’s hard because all types of foods contain carbon.”

Nick first saw ABS symptoms in 2003. He was ill before leaving the house, applying a strong ground fluid for a job.

His symptoms started to worsen from then on. But after seeing it in an episode of his wife Karen Doc Martin, he realized that he could have this condition.

“I’m starting to have a terrible craving for Victoria sponge cake. Usually, I do not have a sweet tooth,” he said.

“There are things I have to kill for a Victoria sponge slice. It’s ridiculous – it refracts your brain’s appetite.”

Let us know your opinions about these Real Life Diseases in the comments section.

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