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Rare Baby Ghost Shark Found Off South Island

New Zealand’s South Island’s east coast has been home to a baby ghost shark, according to researchers. A chimaera is another name for the creature, which is still just a few days old.  When it was found, it was found at about 1.2 kilometers below the surface of the ocean. It was found in an area called the Chatham Rise (0.7 miles).

This is a newborn deepwater ghost shark called a Neonate.

This is a newborn deepwater ghost shark called a Neonate.
Image credits : Brit Finucci

Deepwater sharks are believed to be newborns according to scientists at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research. This was owing to the fact that its stomach was still full of egg yolk at the time of the incident. Embryos of ghost sharks develop in seafloor-deposited egg capsules. Furthermore, it is the yolk that they feed on until they are ready to give birth.

A trawl survey was being conducted to determine the population size of Hoki fish.  That’s when they found a new creature called a neonate, which means “newly born.” This animal is just like sharks and rays. In addition to rat fish, spook fish, and rabbit fish, the Shark Trust lists several other names for this species.

Dr. Brit Finucci, who is a part of the team, expressed her thoughts on this very uncommon discovery. What she’s seeing is extremely astounding to her. The majority of deep-water ghost sharks have been identified as adult individuals. She went on to say that they know very little about newborns since they are seldom reported.

According to her comments to the BBC, deep water animals are extremely difficult to come by. They’re mysterious, much like ghost sharks.

This is how a ghost shark egg capsule looks like.

This is how a ghost shark egg capsule looks like.
Image credits : Brit Finucci

As a result, we don’t get to see them very frequently.

The traits of young ghost sharks may also alter as they mature into adults. She explained that juveniles may be found in a wide range of environments. A wide variety of foods may be consumed by them, and they can also appear extremely different from grownups.

They learn more about the species’ biology and part of its ecosystem by coming upon the young, as she explains.

Aside from that, Dr. Finucci said that study will be conducted on the newborn shark’s species. According to her, a little piece of tissue will be used, and the genetics will be taken at random.

There will also be several measurements of the body taken, which is known as morphometrics. In addition, they claim that it will aid them in determining which species they are studying.

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