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Puppy Born With A Permanent Smile Steals Rescuer’s Heart

All dogs need to be cherished and cared for. But unfortunately, not every dog gets the love and care it craves. Particularly those dogs that have unusual birth defects or disabilities that make them stand out from the crowd. When dogs like these arrive in the present world, they are often dumped, and they must fight for their own survival.

Fortunately, the bulldog/rottweiler mix had a good run of luck with him. Kaley Carlyle was given the opportunity to meet the unique pup of the mother dog three years ago. Her meeting with him as a rescuer led her to build a friendship with him.

Chupacabra, or Chupey, was Kaley’s choice for his name.

Chupacabra, or Chupey, was Kaley's choice for his name.
Image Credits : Androdass

She is committed to ensuring that the dog receives the necessary medical treatment and that he is placed in a home where he will be cared for and loved. However, in the end, she did wind up becoming his human mother.

When Kaley realized that she would be able to provide enough care for the puppy, she came up with the idea to call him Chupacabra, or Chupey for short. The mythological beast associated with Mexican culture inspired her to choose this name for her pup. 

Chupey’s features give him the appearance of being born with a permanent smile.

His features give him the appearance of being born with a permanent smile.
Image Credits : Androdass

Kaley has been volunteering with dog rescue for the last ten years. However, she did admit that she had never seen anything exactly like this lovely creature before.

Chupey is missing most of its coat. He has small eyes, curled ears, enormous teeth, and a big mouth. These characteristics give the impression that he was born with a permanent smile. That gorgeous grin made Kaley fall madly in love with the young guy.

Most of Chupey’s coat is lost.

Most of Chupey's coat is lost.
Image Credits : Androdass

Chupey’s peculiar appearance was the consequence of a medical problem. It has been later determined that Chupey has a disease that is quite similar to Down syndrome. It had been discovered that one extra chromosome was responsible for producing this appearance.

However, this did not deter the dog from appreciating each and every moment in his life. It seems as if the congenital abnormality only affected his body and not his soul in any way.

Chupey is still having fun.

Chupey's still having fun.
Image Credits : Androdass

Chupey’s character has never been anything other than that of an energetic and playful dog. When he’s among other dogs, his personality shines even more. Aside from that, he has a great deal of respect for his fellow humans. Chupey hasn’t had any issues getting along with the other canine members of Kelly’s pack throughout his time with them.

It’s been three years, but Chupey still seems to be having a good time! He is Carson’s closest buddy. Dogs with special requirements and pets with unusual looks always have his full support. Isn’t it wonderful?

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