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The Power Of Family DNA As Seen In These Stunning Side-by-Side Photos

You already know that genes are a sort of information that is passed down from one generation to the next. The physical shape, mentality, blood type, appearance, mutation, and other traits are examples of such attributes. Furthermore, you are fully aware that it is not uncommon to get compliments on how much you resemble your father or mother.

The good news is that Ulric Collette, a photographer from Canada, decided to go more into this idea. He photographed individuals and their closest relatives in order to compare their physical appearances and see if there were any parallels. Photographs of both individuals were taken, and then they were blended into a single portrait as side-by-side photos for the purpose. “Genetic portraits” was the title of the collection. It quickly achieved widespread acceptance among top-tier family photographers and well-known writers. He was won the Cannes Lion at the world’s most renowned advertising awards ceremony for this series.

Image courtesy and more info : ulriccollette.com

#1 Grandmother and granddaughter: 61 and 12 years old

#2 Brothers: 30 and 29 years old

#3 Sisters: 15 and 16 years old

#4 Son and father: 7 and 29 years old

#5 Twins: 20 years old

#6 Sister and brother: 20 and 25 years old

#7 Daughter and father: 10 and 32 years old

#8 Sisters: 24 and 30 years old

#9 Brothers: 25 and 29 years old

#10 Mother and daughter: 57 and 32 years old

#11 Sister and brother: 29 years old

#12 Mother and daughter: 61 and 32 years old

#13 Father and son: 53 and 28 years old

#14 Sisters: 19 and 16 years old

#15 Daughter and mother: 35 and 64 years old

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