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Poor Tinder Bio Creates Terrible Ukraine Joke Embarrassing Social Media

A lady has published what she considers to be the worst Tinder bio ever. It contains X-rated jokes that make light of the current situation in Ukraine and are intended to be offensive. User @mulatte shared a screenshot of the horrific Tinder profile for the anonymous person. She described it as the worst Tinder bio she has ever seen.

There were 1000 people in Mariupol, including children, who were apparently hiding from Russian soldiers when they were attacked on March 16. Three million Ukrainians are said to have fled the country. Most of them are from Kyiv. Even so, a Tinder user produced a bio that read: “Are you Kiev… Cause you’re getting destroyed…”

The whole Tinder bio, which included many offensive comments.

The whole Tinder bio, which included many offensive comments.
Image: @_mulatt/Twitter

In reaction to the Twitter post, one user said that the individual should be awarded extra credit for being creative. On the other hand, he claims that the biography lacks any sense of style anyway.

One lady responded by stating that she had made the decision to stay celibate. In addition, one person said that it is very humiliating. Another commenter claimed that he’s going to delete tinder right now.

Another lady inquired as to what was wrong with this guy. Is it possible that they don’t have any normal friends? She further stated that even people with a little policeman in them don’t talk like this. 

Another woman commented that her vagina created the Windows PC shut down sound.

Thereafter, the very same person’s biography continued to make dirty remarks. It featured the following comment: “And I’m Putin, a hot mess in you like Russia, and I’m not pulling out, and you’ll be full with troops chicken.”

Another strong remark said, “I’ll put you on like a mask.” “There is no need for a covid cert to eat me inside,” the message said.

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