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Pink Lakes Are A Whole Other World – A Must See When You Visit Australia

Throughout Australia, there is a diverse range of spectacular natural wonders to be discovered. When you visit Australia, you will definitely be taken aback by the abundance of natural wonders that await you. The pink lakes of Australia are no exception!

As you may think, lakes are frequently a deep shade of blue or azure. However, the water in more than a dozen lakes in Australia is a far cry from the norm. Don’t be worried; this sort of color shift is quite normal and not the consequence of a harmful spill. We at Viraltrendzs have gathered some interesting information about Australia’s Pink Lakes, which are considered to be a natural wonder.


Pink Lakes Is A Whole Other World
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In addition to Halobacteria, a kind of algae known as Dunaliella salina may be found in the water of these saline lakes. They are responsible for the production of a red pigment known as a carotenoid. Additionally, it is present in carrots, apples, and other veggies. As a result of the hot weather, algae in the lakes react with salt in the water, giving the water a bright pink color. Most pink lakes don’t remain pink throughout the year. Temperature variations cause them to vary their color pattern.


Pink Lakes Is A Whole Other World
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An Australian lake dubbed “Pink Lake” has mysteriously lost its pinkness. And it hasn’t been pink for a long time. According to the experts, the natural flow of water into the salt lake system has been blocked by a highway and railway. As a consequence, the lake’s salinity has decreased, and as a result, its pink hue has faded. Locals have taken the effort to rename the lake to its original name in order to prevent any additional confusion.


Pink Lakes Is A Whole Other World
Image credits: Wiki Commons

Lake Hillier, the most renowned of the pink lakes, retains its bubblegum pink tint throughout the year. The pink hue of the water is preserved even after being placed in a bottle. The lake is located on Middle Island in Western Australia. Because of this, it can only be reached by air or sea, although people who visit Australia aren’t allowed to go too close to the lake itself. Lake Hillier’s gorgeous location necessitates this precaution.


Pink Lakes Is A Whole Other World
Image credits: NASA

The Hutt Lagoon may be found in Western Australia’s Mid-West area. The lagoon’s pink water is another reason for its fame. Hutt Lagoon’s hue may range from lilac to brilliant pink, depending on weather and time of year. Because it is situated in a relatively arid environment, the water is often quite shallow or has totally dried up. And it’s largely packed with a 20-centimeter-thick coating of salt. The lake seldom fills up only twice in a century, according to estimations.


Pink Lakes Is A Whole Other World
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As previously stated, the Hutt Lagoon may become dried over the warmer months. No matter how many times you hear it, driving or walking on it is a bad idea since it’s salty, soft, and often downright slimy. It is possible for pink lakes to form in unexpected places when the circumstances are just perfect. The lake in Melbourne’s Westgate Park is a nice illustration of this phenomenon.


Pink Lakes Is A Whole Other World
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This saline, man-made lake is located in an industrial zone of Melbourne. In December of 2012, this lake was the first to light pink. The event took place in the aftermath of a catastrophic heatwave that swept through Australia’s east coast. For the last many years, the lake’s color has changed from blue to pink throughout the summer and autumn seasons.


Pink Lakes Is A Whole Other World
Image credits: Quick Shot Photos

The lake’s likeness to Lake Hillier and Hutt Lagoon has made it a major tourist destination in recent years. It is also not necessary to hire a boat or a helicopter to get up close with Westgate Park’s enigmatic lake.

There are many people who are interested in whether or not it is possible to swim in these alluring waters. In fact, the pink lakes are absolutely risk-free locations to cool yourself. Despite the fact that they are very salty, they have no negative effect on human skin. However, taking a dip in lakes is an uncommon occurrence for most individuals.

National parks and their authorities strongly discourage swimming in them. As a further request, visitors should do their best to preserve the pink lakes and their surroundings as clean as they possibly can. These safeguards are being put in place to ensure that future generations will be able to appreciate these great natural beauties.

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