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10+ Photos That Are Literally Screaming for Help

“I used to stand before the mirror and look deep into my miserable eyes, moan and say, ‘Oh cruel fate!’ And in few minutes, I felt somewhat better.” This is the thing that Moominpappa used to say. Once in a while life gives us challenges that are hard to overcome, and this training can really help.

Viraltrendzs has arranged a collection of photos during situations in which this little exercise could assist us to take a gander at the future with good faith.

1. Well shit

image credits : vadertheblack/reddit

2. Now it’s pizza time!

image credits : chasingchicks/reddit

3. Gladly it was just the ceiling and not the floor above it.

image credits : jvctheghost/reddit

4. When you are not careful enough:

image credits : FullLockDown/reddit

5. This ice cream had no cone on it…

image credits : anonymous281/reddit

6. Yes, those are peanuts.

image credits : Alushe909/reddit

7. My view from the highest point of Mount Machu Picchu vs what the view might have been

image credits : PinguProductions/reddit

8. Nauseated by the irony.

image credits : jtz_88/reddit

9. The bottom of the mug surrenders.

image credits : ddh85/reddit

10. That’s not very welcoming.

image credits : dylagence/reddit

11. Only if he could read faster….

image credits : toarin/reddit

12. Spice up your life!

image credits : alissen/reddit

13. Our youngest son has a taste for irony

image credits : blight231/reddit

14. We’ve updated our privacy policy.

image credits : IsProbablyLying4/reddit

15. This is why you shouldn’t wear pants with holes on sunny days.

image credits : OwnLeeYu/reddit

Is it true that you are disturbed when you fail to accomplish something or when surprisingly bad days sneak up on you? Do you believe Moominpappa’s advice can assist with this? Share your stories with us!

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