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Photos Of A Devoted Dog Staying At A Dying Homeless Man’s Side Are Tragic

Images of a devoted dog resting at its deceased owner’s side on a bench outside a hospital are heartbreaking. A tearful scene unfolded outside the Rio Piedras Medical Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital (February 1).

The devoted dog refused to leave his dead owner's side
Image Courtesy: Lanacion

The victim was a 60-year-old homeless man, and the devoted dog remained by his side while medical professionals from the Institute of Forensic Sciences retrieved his corpse.

Staff from the external clinic’s team discovered the dog at 7 a.m.

Passers-by first mistook the guy for sleeping since the dog’s nose was lying on his leg.

“I began staring at the entire situation, and the poor dog was moving back and forth, so I went to give the puppy some love,” one guy told local news. The reality is that the look of anguish and sadness on his face was terrible.

The devoted dog was said to be pacing back and forth in sadness
Image Courtesy: Theautimes

“This world was created in such a manner that we, the animals and humans, are interdependent, and the creator created an animal for the human person, which is known as a dog.”

However, hospital personnel befriended the devoted dog in a heartwarming turn of events, and Dr. Jose Antonio Herrera Dalmau has now adopted it.

“I have already made an appointment to visit a vet since the dog has a leg injury,” he told the local daily El Nuevo Dia.

“It’s not fracturing, but it’s swollen.”

Image Courtesy: Theautimes

The confessed dog lover will name the dog Leo.

According to the veterinarian, Leo resembles Reina, his previous beloved dog.

Unfortunately, the dog refused to accompany him home as he waited for his now-deceased owner on the bench. So he had to carry the animal home in his arms.

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