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Photographer Shots Stunning Pics Of Heather Fields In Different Seasons

The Netherlands boasts many flower fields, but springtime in the Netherlands is not only about tulips and hyacinths. Toward the end of the summer season, the Netherlands takes on a characteristic purple tint. It is a fantastic sight to see how the landscapes are completely changed. During this time of year, the heather fields are in full flower. It turns out to be a paradise for a lot of photographers.

Albert Dros was one of these photographers who found himself unable to escape the breathtaking scenery. Heather fields are appealing to him year-round, not only when they are a brilliant shade of purple to his eyes.

This collection of photographs, titled “Dutch Heather Seasons,” by Albert, depicts the Dutch heather at various periods of the year. It covers the times between the purple flowers of summer and the white frost of winter. There has also been an abnormal drought this year, resulting in the heather becoming red.

As a whole, Albert enjoys photographing the Dutch heather, especially on foggy mornings. As he said this whole series was filmed in the heather fields around Hilversum.

Image courtesy & more info: albertdros.com

#1 Heather Season 2016

The middle of August is when the heather displays the most vibrant colors.

The middle of August is when the heather displays the most vibrant colors. This scene seems nearly unreal due to the mystical brilliance of the twilight shortly before daybreak and the fading moon.

#2 Autumn 2018

The frost and fall colors made for a beautiful morning.

The sun has just recently begun to rise, and as a result, the tree in the foreground is already letting magnificent beams of light through its branches. The morning was especially lovely due to the contrast between the frost and the autumnal hues.

#3 Summer 2017

A few Scottish highlanders traverse the misty heather meadows.

The area is lushly landscaped, with trees and grass covering everything. It’s a misty morning, and there are a few Scottish highlanders wandering the heather fields. Although they may appear threatening, they will not hurt you if you do not disturb them.

#4 Heather Season 2016

An encounter with Daphne, a shepherd with sheep and dogs.

This is a peculiar run-in with a shepherd called Daphne, who is accompanied by her flock of sheep and dogs. Albert didn’t know there were shepherds in this country until that morning when he met Daphne. It was a stroke of good luck that he was able to capture this breathtaking view at the ideal time of day.

#5 January 2017

A lot of frost coating the heather fields .

A lot of frost coats the heather fields during this time period. It’s not a common occurrence, but every single tree being completely covered in ice may be a breathtaking sight.

#6 August 2016

The heather season in full swing.

The heather season is in full swing as can be seen in this photograph. The fog is illuminated by the purple hues of the heather and the early morning brightness. It certainly looks magical.

#7 Very Early Late Summer Morning 2016

Very Early Late Summer Morning.

It’s at this point in the blue hour that the first rays of sunlight begin to break through the fog. Wandering about in these settings, which seem like they sprang right out of a fairy tale, is quite amazing.

#8 Winter 2017

Hilversum heather field during winter.

The trees in this area, as well as pretty much the whole Hilversum heather field, have been covered with frost, which is rather uncommon. He was extremely blessed to be able to catch these surroundings during that winter.

#9 November 2018

The start of a red storm forming in the sky above the heather fields near Hilversum

It’s a chilly start to the day at this hour of the day. There is the start of a red storm forming in the sky above the heather fields near Hilversum.

#10 Winter 2016

Dawn brought lovely cloud patterns.

Among the wee hours of a very chilly morning, in the heather fields located close to Hilversum. There was beautiful dawn that was accompanied by some breathtaking cloud formations.

#11 Heather Season 2017

Early dawn with magnificent cloud patterns.

The early morning hours are highlighted by some very stunning cloud formations. Even though the purple heather season in 2017 wasn’t as beautiful as the one in 2016, the sunrises were stunning.

#12 Heather Season 2018

Due to this year's drought, the heather turned red.

It is the early blue hour about six o’clock in the morning, and the fog is really heavy. This year’s unexpected drought had caused the heather to turn red, rather than purple! He claims to have never seen anything like this before.

#13 January 2017

This dismal day's trees were coated with frost.

The trees had been covered with frost all day long on this gloomy day. For the first time, he could really appreciate the striking contrast  between the sky and its surrounding environment.

#14 Early Summer 2018

Early season heather fields aren't as attractive.

The heather fields aren’t as appealing in the early part of the season. However, there is always something interesting to photograph in amongst the trees with their distinct features.

#15 August 2016

It's a late heather season.

It’s a late heather season, and the first rays of the light are beginning to peek out through the tree tops.

#16 August 2016

A chilly morning with frost covering everything.

A chilly morning with frost covering everything. There is a striking visual contrast between the waning hues of autumn and the blanket of white frost.

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