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Photographer Casts 14 Women Of Varying Body Types Against The American Beauty Standards

Carey Fruth, a photographer based in San Francisco, took the photographs for her series “American Beautiful” of women of diverse body types posing in front of elaborate floral arrangements. To some extent, it aimed to challenge American beauty standards. Fruth was inspired by a sexually explicit scene in which Kevin Spacey dreamed about one of his daughter’s friends. There was a movie with this name released in theaters back in 1999.

Fruth told Huffpost that allowing oneself to be carried away by a world of imagination and dream girls might help women overcome their fears. And he believes that women are now realizing their dreams in other aspects of their lives thanks to the mental and emotional energies they had been using to convince themselves they weren’t good enough.

More info: careyfruthphotography.com | Tumblr Instagram Twitter (h/t: huffpostdemilked)















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