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Pet Chimpanzee Shot To Death After Biting Its Owner’s Daughter

Buck, an adult pet chimpanzee, was fatally shot by a deputy from the sheriff’s department. According to sheriff’s authorities that was after it repeatedly bit a lady in Eastern Oregon. The chimpanzee has resided with Tamara Brogoitti in Pendleton for 17 years, according to the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office. It had begun attacking Brogoitti’s daughter, prompting her to call 911 for help.

KHQ-TV received a recording of a phone call made by Brogoitti to the police and broadcasted it on the network. According to her, their pet chimpanzee had attacked her daughter, who was 50 years old at the time. Her daughter has been in severe need of an ambulance at that time. The ambulance, on the other hand, is unable to locate her.

Animal rights organizations, including PETA, have accused Brogoitti of creating a dangerous scenario by keeping Buck on her property for so long.

Image Credits :Buck Brogoitti Animal Rescue INC

This is due to the fact that she and her daughter were imprisoned in the basement. She hadn’t been able to leave the basement since she’d been confined, not even to go to her own weapon. A great deal of blood had poured from her daughter’s wounds. She said that this was the first time she had ever seen anything like it.

Buck had violently bitten Brogoitti’s daughter all over her body, including her legs, arms, and chest. When the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office arrived, they saw Buck walking about the house’s border. There have had no other options but to put down the chimpanzee in order to help Brogoitti and her daughter.

When the deputies approached Brogoitti and requested permission to shoot her chimp, she gave them permission. Buck was shot in the head and murdered on the spot by one of the officers.

In 2010, the state of Oregon made it unlawful for citizens to keep great apes as pets, including chimpanzees, inside the state. Owners of exotic animals who owned them before 2010 were allowed to keep them until they died under the Act’s regulations. That’s how Buck ended up staying with Brogoitti!

Buck had lived with Tamara Brogoitti in Pendleton for 17 years.

Image Credits : Buck Brogoitti Animal Rescue INC

KXLY.com spoke with the PETA Foundation’s assistant general counsel for captive animal law enforcement, Brittany Peet, regarding this event. PETA allegedly alerted state officials that Tamara Brogoitti had set off a time bomb by coming into touch with a highly dangerous chimpanzee. Buck died and a woman was attacked as a consequence of Brogoitti’s actions. All of this occurred as a result of Brogoitti’s refusal to follow professional advice and transport Buck to an authorized animal shelter.

Even before the 2009 attack by the chimpanzee Travis on a woman’s face, experts had predicted that humans would be targeted by primates. For a long time, people understood that attacks on chimps would continue as long as they were treated like little Chihuahuas.

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