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People Share Humorous Experiences Of “What I Wanted vs. What I Got”

Sometimes it’s a bad idea to put too much stock in one’s own expectations. Our expectations and desires for a situation are dashed when the result falls short of our expectations. However, if we enter a situation with really low expectations, we are less likely to feel let down. Still, we have high expectations. Our mental well-being takes a major hit when we have to face the cold, hard realities of reality instead of living in a fantasy world.

The internet phenomenon of “What I Wanted Vs. What I Got” continues to gain popularity, so we at Viraltrendzs decided to publish an article in this manner. TikTok has developed into a medium for individuals to share their hilarious accounts of struggle. Here’s a fresh collection, with anything from terrible hairdos to bad tattoos. Here are 35 of the most hilarious illustrations we could find.


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