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OnlyFans Model Realizes Dad Pays For Her X-Rated Content After Hearing Mom In Background

An OnlyFans model was embarrassed to discover that her father was purportedly paying for her X-rated work and had even left her a troubling request.

Karla, a brunette model, found out that her paternal father had been a paying customer for her explicit material for a year and that he was even a particular client with special requirements.

The surprised adult content maker only discovered the horrible truth about her father when he contacted her and asked to “play” with her for $150; she didn’t recognize his voice, but she did hear her mother in the background.

Karla has now resorted to TikTok to tell her harrowing ordeal.

“When my DAD, yes my DAD, has been purchasing my OF [OnlyFans] material via NOT ONE but TWO accounts,” she said in the video.

“On both cases, he was a personal customer of mine for almost a year.”

“I only found out when he contacted me to ‘play with myself’ for $150, and I could hear my mother on the phone in the background.”

“Did you know it’s not illegal for your FATHER TO BUY YOUR NUDES?” the model said in the caption.

Since its release, Karla’s video has had 3.3 million views, and many people have been appalled by her situation.

TikTok users rushed to the comments section to express their support for the OnlyFans concept.

OnlyFans model Karla has been left horrified after she found out her father was paying to see her explicit conten
Image Courtesy: TikTok/@karlaramirezz1

“Honestly, no joke, I’d start a new life,” one individual said.

“This is awful,” said another person.

“I’m very sorry this happened to you; wow,” a third individual expressed concern.

“I’m sorry, and my heart goes out to you; it is horrible,” someone another said.

“This is horrible,” said a fifth individual. I have no idea how you felt at that time. This is beyond my comprehension. “I’m sorry you had to go through this.”

OnlyFans model discovers dad pays for her X-rated content after hearing mum in background
Image Courtesy: TikTok/@karlaramirezz1

After her original answer, Karla has already uploaded many TikTok videos outlining how she found out about her father’s problematic behavior.

The brunette beauty said that her father had two accounts, one for ‘Enrique’ and the other for ‘Marcos,’ and transferred money for a filthy personal request from the incorrect account.

Karla became skeptical of her ‘two clients’ due to this.

Karla reported that when she confronted her father about his lack of money, he began to deny it, despite not specifying why she was furious.

As a result, Karla began to have doubts about her father.

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