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One Week Old Boy Shocks Mum With Lactating Breasts.

A mother was taken aback when she saw the lactating breasts of her baby boy when he was just a week old.

Vanessa Moran stated that her hormones were passed on to Kylan Sherrill during pregnancy, causing him to acquire enlarged breast tissue.

The 28-year-old mother took Kylan to the doctor because she was concerned that her son had a terrible illness.

Vanessa, a mother of two kids, claimed he was later diagnosed with newborn galactorrhea (Witch’s milk), a rare disease that affects just 2% of male and female babies globally.

Vanessa Moran with her baby boy.
image credits: Kennedy News

High amounts of oestrogen in the mother’s circulation during pregnancy create the condition, which then passes to the baby’s bloodstream through the placenta and increases breast tissue development and milk production.

Vanessa, from Indiana, has now uploaded a video showing infant Kylan’s swollen lactating breasts in order to increase awareness of the illness.

According to Vanessa, “I instantly saw that he didn’t have any nipples, that they were inverted, and that the tissue around the nipple began to get larger by the time he was a week old.

“I felt it was strange that he appeared to have breasts.”

“Then, a few days later, his nipples started leaking milk, which freaked me out since I’d never seen it in a baby before.”

“I was really taken aback and didn’t know what to do.” When I informed his father, he was astounded as well.

“I was concerned that something was wrong and that it may be an illness or perhaps something life-threatening.”

She stated that as a newborn, Kylan was quite fussy and cried a lot, but she now believes that some of that was due to his suffering.

image credits: Kennedy News

“I knew I was carrying a boy during my pregnancy, and he was born with boy parts,” she explained, “but when I saw the swollen breast tissue, I thought that he might have both boy and girl parts, which was extremely perplexing.”

On June 1, 2020, Vanessa gave birth to Kylan, a healthy 7 pound 13-ounce baby.

She saw his chest was enlarging a few days later and scheduled an appointment with the doctor.

“The doctor described what it was and indicated that it affects around 2% of all infants.

“She claimed it happened because my oestrogen levels were excessively high during pregnancy, and it somehow passed to him and went into his circulation.”

“I didn’t know what else to do for him; we just had to wait till it dropped down on its own and we couldn’t pressure it or anything.

“We women know how painful it is to have big breasts, so the only thing I could do was place a warm towel on his chest to attempt to relieve the agony and take his shirt off for a while,” she explained.

Squeezing the swollen tissue and milky discharge out causes additional inflammation, abscesses, and may even stimulate milk production, thus there is no therapy for it.

Kylan’s breasts had shrunk in size by the time he was one and a half, so he didn’t need to consult a specialist.

Vanessa Moran with her two kids.
image credits: Kennedy News

The mother, who works as a medical scheduler at a local hospital, kept her son’s uncommon illness a secret when he was born, but she has now shared their story to promote awareness.

Isaiah Sherrill, Kylan’s elder brother, who is six years old, observed and was intrigued by the strange changes in his younger brother’s chest.

According to Vanessa, “I just notified his father and my sisters at the time because I didn’t want too many people diagnosing him and advising me what to do.

“His brother, who was five at the time, was perplexed and questioned whether Kylan could drink his own milk because I was feeding at the time and he knew he did.

“By the time Kylan was one and a half months old, his chest had finally dropped and his milk had dried up.

“I was relieved and overjoyed that he was healthy and content.”

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