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Officials Warn Of ‘Unpredictability’ Of Raccoon Dog Unleashed In UK

A raccoon dog roaming in Wales for about a month has been warned against approaching. This dog is a canine with a raccoon-like face.

Especially, Natural Resources Wales reported the animal missing on Monday, according to WalesOnline.

Also, the monster has been out in the wild for some weeks, with just one verified sighting on January 21. Officials said it might have gone up to eight miles across the Welsh countryside, but it is “unpredictable.”

The public are advised not to approach the raccoon dog
Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Residents in Powys, South Wales, have been handed pamphlets to identify the raccoon dog.

Raccoon dogs may be spotted up to eight kilometers away in the wild, according to NRW. They are nocturnal, raccoon-like mammals from East Asia.

“They eat fruit, insects, rodents, frogs, birds, and eggs, which might harm local animals.”

“Please notify if you see one (dead or alive) or know where it has escaped from. Their behavior is unpredictable, and they should not be approached.”

The raccoon dogs were introduced into Europe as a result of the fur trade
Image Courtesy: Theautimes

While raccoon dog sightings are uncommon in Wales, one was reported in Carmarthenshire in the summer of 2020.

The animal posed a hazard to natural flora and species, and it was trapped and mercifully exterminated.

The fur trade brought raccoon dogs to Europe, where they have posed a threat to local species and are often viewed as invasive.

The raccoon dog species is widely regarded as invasive in Europe
Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Raccoon dog hair has also been offered as artificial fur.

Although keeping a raccoon dog as a pet is permitted, the RSPCA “highly opposes” it.

Selling and breeding the animals is now forbidden due to their danger to native European species.

If anybody sees this dog, call NRW on 0300 065 3000.

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