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Neighbours Call The Police Over Realistic Halloween Decorations

Many people from all around the world celebrate Halloween each year. Many diverse themes are chosen by those who make Halloween decorations. Others are more concerned about terrifying their audience. Some are influenced by fascinating personalities, while others are amused by their own sense of humor. Some individuals put in a lot of work and creativity and then pull off something really incredible, which makes worldwide news.

We at Viraltrendzs would like to present to you a collection of frighteningly realistic Halloween decorations created by local artist Steven Novak. Novak’s realistic Halloween massacre drew the attention of the Dallas police department, who paid him several visits. His neighbours contacted the police when they thought they had come upon a crime scene outside.

Image courtesy and more info : Steven Novak


It’s no secret that Novak enjoys playing pranks, as shown by the fact that he has built 7-foot snow sculptures of himself in the past. So, if he was going to dress up for Halloween, it was only natural that he go all out. No flashing lights, fog machines, or camping… anything that could frighten people passing by at night, according to him. So he whipped up a few dummies and sprayed 20 gallons of blood all over the place using them as targets.

The house where Novak lives hosts a horror show. One of the dummies, whose head has been crushed, is lying in the yard of his M Street house. Among the others, a safe has been placed in the spot where one’s head was. More lay in bleeding garbage bags that have fallen from a wheelbarrow. During this time, a zombie horde is attempting to burst through the house’s window.


As far as Novak was concerned, the tipped-over wheelbarrow full of Hefty bags seemed like an effort to dump the chopped corpses late at night, and he was quite proud of it. A child walking by had questioned as to what happened to them. Then he had told the kid that they consumed an excessive amount of Skittles.

Novak hasn’t forgotten how to be a good neighbor. Even in the face of bloodshed his general “Leave it to Beaver” attitude doesn’t change. As a result of the heavy rains, most of the blood had been washed away. So for a time, he’d constantly ‘watered’ the corpses in the morning. He did so to the shock of early morning dog walkers and runners, who said as they passed, ‘Watering the bodies!


A cheerful salute and a “Hello neighbour” had undoubtedly followed. However, there are some who enjoy Halloween’s tricks and treats. Novak embraces them with a bear hug. Only this time, it’s a zombie bear spewing blood from its mouth.

Novak’s Halloween decorations have drawn the attention of the police many times. Neighbors had reported to Novak that police vehicles had been passing by his home a lot throughout the day. However, he had only returned home twice to accept them. Police had informed Novak that his Halloween decorations were excellent. Novak said police were just there to respond to the sergeant’s concerns.


When the cops arrived, they had immediately sprung into formation and stood guard at the front door. When Novak opened the door, police had questioned him whether they all belonged to him. Then Novak had asked as to if they were referring to the blood and corpses. And eventually, he had replied yes, and he also had said that’s him. After recalling this event, Novak burst out laughing.

Novak is of the opinion that he could have done with a little more. Moreover, Novak enjoys giving people what they ask for. In Novak’s opinion, next year will be a crazy one.







image credits : Avi Adelman

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