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Nature Doesn’t Care On What Humans Want | Proven With 20 Photos

We Viraltrendzs, have discovered solid proof that nature can be very imaginative.

Nature appears to have an awesome sense of humor that any entertainer would be envious of!

An Apple Orchard after Hurricane Ophelia in Ireland.

image credits : pikabu.ru

I came to work, and it was covered with snow!

image credits : pikabu.ru


image credits : pikabu.ru

A frozen waterfall.

image credits : pikabu.ru

The sand in the Algerian Desert is covered with snow and looks like Tiramisu.

image credits : pikabu.ru

The sky after Hurricane Ophelia.

image credits : brightside.me

Yep, it’s snow.

image credits : imgur.com

Trees felled by storm “Xavier” in Germany.

image credits : pikabu.ru

This thin strip of snow across Ohio.

image credits : @Elementalillness/Reddit

Double rainbow, all the way over the sky!

image credits : @zacharyem/Reddit

The rain transformed this yard  into a Van Gogh painting.

image credits : @ericb303/Reddit

There had been a bit of rain in Ireland recently.

image credits : imgur.com

Amazing Australian rainbow dome that appeared in the sky.

image credits : pikabu.ru

Someone “flogged” the clouds in Kamchatka.

image credits : pikabu.ru

Hurricane Matthew was a turf of a beach in Daytona.

image credits : imgur.com

“Don’t worry! It’s just a light shower.”

image credits : @age104/Reddit

Sadly, trees can’t read.

image credits : pikabu.ru


image credits : pikabu.ru

This is how a firefly looks like.

image credits : pikabu.ru

Someone washed it away.

image credits : pikabu.ru

Which of the following pictures astounded you the most? Share your opinion in the comment section below!

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