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My boobs are so large that I burned them on Nando’s grill, yet the NHS refuses to let me undergo a reduction surgery.

My boobs are so large that I burned them on Nando’s grill, yet the NHS refuses to let me undergo a reduction surgery. Esme ‘Lili’ Clemson, 20, was working at the restaurant when one of her 32JJ breasts came into contact with the scorching hot grill.

Esme ‘Lili' Clemson

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And, as she told the Mirror, this isn’t the first experience she’s had with her huge breasts.

The lady, from Wolverhampton, said she was nicknamed “big boobs” at school and that she still gets remarks about her physique on the street, having been cat-called seven times in one day.

She has struggled with a variety of medical ailments, including severe back pain and fatigue.

Despite her bust and the issues it brings, Esme has been forced to rely on strangers to help to pay for her breast reduction after the NHS turned her down.

The 20-year-old has boobs that are eight cup sizes bigger than usual for her age, and she says she “thinks about getting a reduction every day.”

“It would mean the world to me,” Esme stated. These boobs are not something I’d want to gift to my worst enemy. I believe that most people are unaware of the gravity of the situation.

“It’s not a good thing. My boobs aren’t perky; they sag, droop, and are covered in stretch marks. They’re not beautiful or pleasant to look at.”

Esme got burned while working at Nando’s, which was one of the most terrifying experiences she experienced.

Boob agony

Her breasts touched the edge of the hot metal as she bent over the grill to wipe the rear.

She also admitted to having acne on her breasts, which she feels is due to their size.

“Because there’s so much skin on the skin around my torso and breast area, sweat collects and I develop acne in specific spots,” she explained.

The 20-year-old has boobs that are eight cup sizes bigger than the usual for her age group.

Esme recalled receiving obscene comments from peers as her breasts became larger in her early adolescence.

She said, ” “My boobs were usually a running joke or topic of conversation since I had a lot more man friends than lady friends.

“It would always be hyper sexualized.” I would always be called big boobs and names like that.  It does give you a fright.

“In secondary school, one man I had a crush on remarked, ‘I just like you for your physique, not your face.’

“Because I was so self-conscious, I would constantly wear a jacket.” I didn’t want anyone to notice my boobs. I’m still hiding them.”

She has been requesting a reduction from the NHS since 2018, but physicians have consistently informed her she is not eligible because she is overweight and under the age of 21.

She reduced two dress sizes after that and intended to undergo the surgery this year; unfortunately, her BMI was still too high when she was notified in April.

Esme is now seeking contributions to help her pay for private treatment after realizing that she would not be able to receive a discount on the NHS.

“We don’t have the money to pay for it to be done privately here,” she explained.

Esme believes that following her reduction, she will be able to start walking and participate in more activities because she will no longer be in agony.

“Patients must fulfill the eligibility requirements for breast reduction surgery, which includes having a stable BMI of 27 or below, in line with national advice,” a spokesman for the Black Country and West Birmingham Clinical Commissioning Group stated.

You may make a donation to Esme’s GoFundMe page by clicking here.

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