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Man Who Survives Car Crashes Without Using A Seatbelt

Aren’t there periods in everyone’s lives when they believe they are invincible?  But, alas, we aren’t. There is a physical limit to the amount of stress that our bodies can withstand before they break out. On the other hand, depending on the conditions, car crashes might result in severe injuries or even death.

There are several things you may take to improve your chances of survival in the event of an accident. There are several occasions when it might be beneficial to have airbags built into your ribcage.

Imagine if you had a flattened face, a larger cranium, thicker skin, and the capacity to bend your legs in whatever direction you wanted to?

Only one individual on the whole globe has this odd trait, in addition to a range of other characteristics. That’s Graham. His appearance may be a little out of the ordinary, but he is really a normal human being. Graham’s unique tale sparked our interest here at Viraltrendzs, so we thought we’d share it with you.

More info: Meetgraham.com | TAC | Patricia Piccinini (h/t)

Graham is here for you. Although he may seem odd, I can guarantee you that he is in fact a human being.

Graham is here for you. Although he may seem odd, I can guarantee you that he is in fact a human being

Graham is a life-size sculpture that is interactable and has the appearance of an odd human. According to the Transport Accident Commission of Victoria in Australia, he is a part of a program to increase road safety awareness. There was a major goal behind Graham’s creation. It was to demonstrate the vulnerability of our bodies in the event of a vehicle accident.

His physique has been modified to survive an automobile collision.

His physique has been modified to survive an automobile collision.

Patricia Piccinini, an artist, designed Graham. It was ultimately after months of research by a renowned trauma surgeon and a car accident investigator. Patricia primarily used silicone and human hair in the creation of Graham.

At first glance, his looks may seem to be out of the ordinary. However, if cars didn’t have safety equipment, it seems that this is what individuals would need to escape a car accident.

Graham is part of a new Australian traffic safety initiative.

Graham’s skull was created in such a manner that it can withstand higher amounts of force in a shorter amount of time. It is much like the design elements of a helmet.

He has a larger skull structure with built-in crumple zones to help absorb the forces of a windshield contact.

Patricia Piccinini was the artist who created him.

The crumple zones help him prevent major harm by reducing the forward velocity of his head when he collides. As a consequence, it increases the capacity of his skull to prevent the force from passing through and harming his brain.

In addition to that Graham has a much bigger skull to protect his brain. It contains more cerebrospinal fluid and ligaments that support the brain in the case of a collision.

He has several nipples that act as airbags for his ribcage.

His nose has been shortened to help avoid injury. The bigger anatomy of his head and neck provides protection for his ears.

Around prominent areas of his face, such as his cheekbones, fatty tissue has been inserted. The goal of this is to aid in the absorption of more energy when the vehicle hits anything.

Graham has a much bigger skull to protect his brain.

Graham’s ribs have been reinforced as well, enhancing his safety in the event of an accident.

As a result, his chest is large and barrel-shaped, making it easier for him to take a beating. His torso, on the other hand, resembles that of an airbag rather than that of armor.

Graham’s face seems to be pretty flat. To absorb the force of a hit, prominent areas of his face is stocked with a large amount of fat.

Graham’s ribs have been stuffed with airbag-like bags in order to save him from being injured. When he collides with anything, these airbags absorb the force and cause him to slow down. Airbags also protect other vital organs such as the heart and lungs.

Leg, foot, and ankle injuries may have a severe impact on a person’s quality of life for the rest of their life. The reason for this is that we rely on them for our everyday movement.

Graham has been constructed with airbag-like ribs and sacks that perform the same functions as airbags.

Only a tiny layer of skin covers the shin. As a result, it is the one that receives the least amount of protection in the body.

It’s a good thing that Graham has a natural defense mechanism to keep him safe in these kinds of circumstances. He can bounce out of harm’s path with ease because of his spring-loaded spring-like legs with additional joints.

Graham’s skull has these built-in crumple zones that can absorb force in the event of a collision, making it seem like a helmet.

TAC’s chief executive officer, Joe Calafiore, commented about Graham. In his opinion, automobiles have progressed far more rapidly than people. And he says that Graham explains why we must enhance every component of our road infrastructure in order to safeguard ourselves against our own errors.

Graham’s knees can be moved in all directions, making them less prone to be harmed.

He further added that people can run into a wall at full speed and still be alive. However, when it comes to crashes involving automobiles, the speeds are considerably higher, the forces are bigger, and the odds of surviving are considerably lower.

In the event of a rapid movement, Graham’s neck is reinforced by a brace-like mechanism that shields his head from harm.

Road rash and abrasions are less likely to injure Graham since his skin is thicker and harder.

He can leap out of harm’s path with a “spring-loaded” jump thanks to his hoof-like legs with additional joints.

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