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Muscular Old Lady Slams Body-Shaming Trolls In Stunning Bikini

As the proverb goes, it’s never too late to make changes that will improve your life. Joan MacDonald, a muscular old lady from Ontario, Canada, is a good example of this. Even though she is 76 years old, the fitness queen is still super active and maintains a consistent routine of working out.

Doctors told Joan, who was 73 at the time, that she would have to take more medicine if she kept living the way she was. So Joan decided to do something about it herself. She lost almost 200 pounds in just a few years and started posing on the covers of fitness magazines. This fit model’s most recent Instagram post featured her showing off her goodies in a bikini. The shot showed off the model’s fantastic body.

Image courtesy & more info: Instagram

Joan has written a lengthy response to the body-shaming trolls.

Joan has amassed a significant amount of followers on Instagram, with 1.6 million people now following her account. As a fitness expert, she often shares information on the topic of fitness and offers advice to her followers on Instagram.

Joan has responded to body-shaming trolls in a lengthy remark in one of her most recent uploads. In her post, she expressed her disgust for the terrible practice of body shaming. She further noted that elderly people are often exposed to it.

This is sad but true, she continued. The worst aspect, according to Joan, is that as we age, we begin to embrace the opinions of the people around us, especially women. Instead of learning to love and accept our bodies, we’re taught to be embarrassed by them.

In her Instagram posts, she often shows off her exercises.

In her Instagram posts, she often shows off her exercises.

Joan went on with her post by saying that she would have been horrified at the thought of writing something like this.

She went on to remark that dressing up in a swimsuit would have been awkward for her. She also said that whenever she looked at her physique, she had the impression that her legs were too short, that her calves were too thick, and that her booty was too broad. As a method of showing her love, she would have gone on a strict diet and refused to eat. She would have been worried about the way her appearance evolved with age.

She often inspires her social media fans.

She often inspires her social media fans.

In a nutshell, Joan wrote in her post that she doesn’t care about the body-shaming trolls anymore because she zaps out negativity. She noted that taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally, helps you connect more with your true self.

She is of the opinion that you should become capable of accepting yourself in spite of the conditions. However, the most important thing is that you spend more time engaging in activities that leave you feeling healthy, strong, and satisfied. You thus make an effort to remove your mind from the shameful ideas and to replace them with ones that are loving. This is going to be an absolutely unique experience.

Over 90 000 people have liked her post since she first uploaded it earlier this month. Also, there were dozens of comments left by admirers of this muscular old lady.

Joan no longer cares about the body-shaming trolls.

Joan no longer cares about the body-shaming trolls.

“Simply gorgeous,” commented one. A second had commented: “Beautiful Joan! A true inspiration.”

“You are such an inspiring woman, and you look amazing!”, added the third person.

As a fourth went on: “Thanks for sharing your story. We need more of this kind of thing out there.” And a fifth person simply said, “You never cease to amaze and inspire me!”

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