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Mum left freaked out when the baby’s first words are a cry for help.

When a mother captured the moment her kid spoke on tape, she couldn’t believe her luck. Instead of a simple word like ‘mum,’ ‘dad,’ or ‘dog,’ her tiny girl uttered something rather frightening as her first words, prompting her to have surgery.

In a clip that has been watched over 927,000 times, TikTok user @shawnaannie posted the tot’s first words, and viewers are just as afraid as she is.

In the caption, she said, “When your daughter’s first words are a plea for help.”

Her kid, who is laying on her lap in the video, can be heard gargling and making baby noises before clearly stating, “Help me, mum.”

first words
(image credits : TikTok @shawnaannie)

Shawna’s fans were freaked out by the short footage, which swiftly racked up over 284,000 likes and 2,100 comments.

“HELL NO LMAO ‘help me mama,'” one individual said.

“OMG ! It was so clear too,” wrote another.

“I didn’t really expect that in the least degree,” a third viewer said.

first words
(image credits : TikTok @shawnaannie)

“That shocked me [for real],” someone else remarked.

Another viewer said, “I would simply give her over to her father, he will assist you ma’am goodbye.”

Shawna subsequently added that it was not only her ‘first words,’ but also that she’d ‘never said a darn syllable’ before.

The strange plea, however, eventually led to a surprising discovery.

The mother stated: “That jolted me awake. I took her to a pediatrician, who sent us to a cardiologist after hearing a murmur. Less than a month later, she underwent surgery.”

Shawna later demonstrated that her now two-year-old is doing well after undergoing heart surgery in a follow-up video.

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