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Mum goes crazy over weird ‘alien egg’ nesting in son’s closet.

A mother of three from Australia Amy posted a photo on Facebook of the strange alien egg like item hanging from a friend’s ceiling.

She said that her buddy saw a weird blob on her son’s built-in wardrobe and had no clue what it was.

Amy shared the photo to the Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas Facebook group in a desperate attempt to find answers.

“This is the interior of my friend’s son’s closet.” They’re not sure if it’s always been there and they’ve never noticed it, or if it’s new.

A photograph of the "alien egg" in the closet of a friend's son.
image credit: Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas/Facebook

“They’ve only recently moved in. Is there anyone who knows what it is? And what shall they do?”

Many Facebook users were quick to share their predictions, with some dreading a spider’s nest or worse.

“If this were a billion years ago, I’d say we’re dealing with a dinosaur egg,” one person joked.

A photograph of the "alien egg" in the closet of a friend's son.
image credit: Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas/Facebook

“My other half used to work in pest control, and he thinks it’s a spider’s nest. You may (vacuum) it up and then load the hoover with Raid. There will be thousands of spiders in there if it is a spiders’ nest “Another was added.

Others were skeptical, with third writing: “No way, no how. That’s something I’m not going to tackle. Call the Ghostbusters right now!”

“I’d advise a biohazard suit, bug spray, and some sort of fire, poke it and see what happens, at the very least you’re prepared,” said another.

So, what was it, exactly?

Amy enlisted the help of her father-in-law to check the “egg,” who informed her of its true nature.

Despite worries that it was a swarm of insects or worse, the alien-like item was only “expanding foam” from the home’s roof.

Users on Facebook were “gutted.”

“Is it bad that I’m a little disappointed?” “I was hoping for something spectacular,” one person wrote.

“Well, it was an anticlimax!” said another.

Let us know your opinions in the comments.

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