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Mum Finds A Note On The Car From A Neighbor Saying ‘My Kids Don’t Want To See Your Ass Out’

When a mum discovered a handwritten note placed behind her car windscreen wiper from a neighbor advising her to “shut your blinds when walking naked!” she was shocked.

Alex Taylor denied ever walking about nude with the windows open but said that around 10.30 p.m. the night before, she did lock the door and switch off the lights while wearing a t-shirt over a pair of French panties.

She was taken aback when she discovered the anonymous message in Chelmsford, Essex.

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‘It would be much appreciated if you could unleast shut your blinds when walking naked!’ says the message.

‘Around your house… My kids do not and would not want to see your ass out on the show. Much appreciated, your neighbors ‘

Mum of two Alex, a car sales manager, described the remark as “bizarre,” but confessed that she frequently wanders around wearing even less.

‘They’re lucky they got me this time since I was completely covered up’, she remarked.

‘I feel quite at ease in my own skin, and I have no issues with the way I appear.’

It appears that the note will no longer force her to hide behind a onesie at home.

‘It’s my place, my rules,’ she explained. ‘It won’t stop me from wandering around in my underpants and a t-shirt in my own house.’

‘It’s the strangest thing that’s ever happened to me; I can’t wrap my brain around it,’ she continued.

‘They’re lucky, to be honest since I usually go about in a lot less than that.’ I simply walked around as usual, locked up and turned out all the lights.

‘I’m not sure what their upbringing was like for them to think that’s a problem, but also for them to think it’s acceptable to peek in someone else’s house and tell me how to dress.’

Alex Taylor
image credits : Facebook

‘At first, I was taken aback, and then I became enraged.’ I was furious that someone, who was meant to be my neighbour, had the guts to leave a letter on my windscreen rather than calling on the door and confronting me about it.

‘The fact that they had to put a letter on my car rather than approach me in person demonstrates their lack of confidence in their argument.’

Alex posted the message on social media, and it received a lot of positive feedback.

‘I would actually wait until it was dark, switch on all the lights, walk into each room, and put my butt cheeks against every goddamn window with “Baby got back” blasting full blast!’ said one lady.

‘Must have a beautiful bottom, sweetheart, since someone’s Mr was definitely caught looking.’

‘I’m a nude neighbour and I couldn’t care less,’ another lady commented. If they don’t like what they see, they shouldn’t peer into other people’s homes.’

‘T-shirt and underpants… you see more human skin on a freaking beach,’ one lady said.

‘Now I feel even more validated by the girls who have shown their support,’ Alex added. Some of the remarks have had me laugh out loud.’

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